“How beautiful, how colorful”: Russian girl says she wants to live in a “dangerous” area of CDMX and it goes viral


The young foreigner mentioned in a video that she published on TikTok that she liked the area because it is calm and has beautiful colors.

The number of foreigners who entered the country during the first five months of 2023 is 9 million 56 thousand international tourists, according to data from the Ministry of Tourism (Sectur).

That is why seeing foreigners on the streets of different magical towns and cities has become increasingly common. This, without a doubt, is a great opportunity to increase the income of businesses and small companies.

But in addition to the economic advantages, the experiences that visitors have during their stay are also rescued. Such is the case of a young Russian woman who expressed her desire to move to a neighborhood in Mexico City because she thought it was a “very quiet and colorful” area.

A TikTok video is causing a stir on social networks, since a young Russian woman expressed her desire to move to Cuautepec, because she was struck by the fact that the houses are painted in many colors.

“I’m here on the cablebus and look how beautiful, how beautiful. Here all the houses are colorful, I like it a lot and I want to live in this area because it is very quiet and colorful,” she said.

The young woman was impressed to see a wide range of colors in the houses; However, some users commented the following: “It’s like with spiders and snakes, the more colorful they are, the more dangerous they are,” “No, you don’t want to live there,” “Protect it Lord with your spirit,” “Friend, if they are forcing you to say that and you are threatened, blink twice in a row”, “I never in my life expected someone to say that”, “Can you imagine the whole area being gentrified”, “It’s very quiet”, among others.

Source: El Universal