What Words are PROHIBITED on WhatsApp? Using Them Could Block Your Account

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Have you ever been blocked on a social network for violating language policies? Find out here why your WhatsApp account could be suspended.

As an extension of the Meta suite of applications, WhatsApp is one of the most widely used social networks and instant messaging services today. It has gradually been enriched with other features that seek to make it more useful and position it as one of the most efficient.

However, like other Meta social networks, the app has community standards and guidelines that regulate interactions between users to promote a respectful and safe environment and avoid falling into any type of crime.

The diversity of content shared by users can sometimes include nudity, bullying, and explicit content, which are listed in the regulations as reasons for blocking an account. WhatsApp is no exception, so here we show you a list of words you should avoid writing during a conversation to prevent sanctions.

Although, when starting a conversation for the first time, a text appears that says “Messages and calls are end-to-end encrypted. No one outside of this chat, not even WhatsApp, can read or listen to them,” it is possible to report to the app any message that incites hatred or the commission of a crime.

Both in group chats and in one-on-one conversations, you can access this tool where the report will be made directly to WhatsApp, and the person who sent the message will not be notified that a complaint was made.

What are the words you should avoid using?

The app details the prohibition of language related to illegal activity, which includes those associated with the sexual exploitation of minors and human trafficking, therefore words like pedophilia, violence, or harassment are restricted.

It also mentions in its usage rules the exclusion of content linked to intimidation and serious harm to people, so you also cannot use words like violence, discrimination, and threats.

It also specifies that the material must not be excessively graphic, violent, or sexually explicit, so terms like pornography are prohibited.

What happens when using these words?

The WhatsApp application can block user accounts that violate the rules, either temporarily or permanently. In the latter case, a new account cannot be registered using the same phone number.

How can you use WhatsApp responsibly?

Be sensible and respectful when sending messages. Avoid mockery, violence, and humiliation towards your contacts. Communicate only with people you know or who have requested your phone number to contact you. If you are a group administrator, take care of the contacts you include and promote respectful communication. Post accurate information and be aware of the audience you are addressing.

Source: Milenio