5 places in CDMX to play and learn Ping Pong


Ping Pong is one of the most fun sports to get in shape and in CDMX, there are several places to practice it.

In addition to demanding us physically, you will agree that sports have soul. They are more than just an activity, they are an art that brings together the best things about humans, discipline, patience and the infinite love of life. Oh ahaaaa, well now. Such is the case of Ping Pong, a game that was born in England but is played in various places in CDMX.

For those who don’t know it, Ping Pong is a type of sport that, although in theory it seems very simple, is extremely complex. Not everyone has the speed and mental dexterity to master with a racket the fate of a small ball ready to bounce everywhere.

Currently this is one of the most curious Olympic sports, and although every four years countries compete for the gold medal, the best in the world are undoubtedly the Chinese. So far, the Asian country has won 53 medals, of which 28 are gold.

The history of Ping Pong

The history of this sport dates back to 1870. Legend says that on a rainy day and after seeing their plans to play a match on a normal court ruined, two English tennis players devised a way to play inside their house.

The university students prepared a table they had, divided it with books, looked for a small ball that could bounce, found a cork and without realizing it, inaugurated a new type of game. As expected, the name was born from the noise the ball made when it went from one place to another.

Over time, the art was perfected. In 1901, James Gibb invented the famous cork balls. For his part, just three years earlier, he left short-handled rackets covered in parchment for posterity.

In Mexico, Ping Pong arrived in 1918. At first it was not taken so seriously, but this changed when private clubs with European influences took it up again. Soon some national luminaries began to be born.

Only 20 years later, the Table Tennis Association was created in Mexico City, which years later would become the Mexican Federation.

The best places to play Ping Pong in Mexico City

Having said the above, and to encourage the practice of this great sport, we have selected some places in the Mexican capital that are perfect to learn, practice and become experts in the complicated art of controlling a bouncing ball with a racket.

1. Nekoma TT

In 2019, four table tennis eminences in Mexico opened a club with the sole mission of spreading the culture of this game in the capital.

The result was a sports car that offers all possible options; rental of tables, classes, tournaments for professionals and “developing talent to generate great players in Mexico.”

Where is? Av. Insurgentes Sur 885, Nápoles, Benito Juárez.

2. Casa Pong

One of the most emblematic places in CDMX to play, learn, meet people and understand the soul of Table Tennis.

This club has the best tables, teachers and tournaments. Their mission is to teach everyone, from seven-year-olds to high-performance players.

Where is? Av. Miguel Ángel de Quevedo 687, San Francisco, Coyoacán,

3. Deportivo Pavón

Within the Deportivo José María Morelos y Pavón, which offers a good number of physical and cultural activities, there is a renowned section dedicated to table tennis players.

Mass tournaments of the Mexican Federation are held at this site. Every year they place at least ten tables on a basketball court and the Mexican eminences compete for the title.

Where is? Lake Erne S/N, corner Lake Trasimeno. Reforma Colony.

4. Tiger Ping Pong

This is a particular place that, in addition to promoting the practice of Ping Pong, offers fun strategies to get in shape, such as coordination exercises away from the table.

This club offers classes, training for tournaments, challenges, machines to play individually and instructors that adapt to the needs of each client.

Where is? Nextitla 27, Col Nextitla, Miguel Hidalgo Mayor’s Office.

5. Piong Club

It is one of the few clubs left alive in Mexico City. It was born from a group of friends who enjoyed the game and who from time to time met on their terrace to have games and eat delicious food.

Little by little, the initiative grew, and an amateur ping pong society was founded in an old model shop in Tlatelolco where every month members get together to play a game, listen to good music and enjoy good food.

Where is? February 5 Tower, in the second section of Tlatelolco.

Source: Sopitas