Stranded rhythmic gymnastics team prepares to return from Israel


The preparation of the Mexican Rhythmic Gymnastics Team for the Paris 2024 Olympic Games was interrupted by the attack by the terrorist group Hamas against Israel, where the team was holding a concentration camp and waiting to be repatriated.

Through a video broadcast on social networks in which Kimberly Salazar, Adirem Tejeda, Julia Gutiérrez, Dalia Alcocer and Sofia Flores appear; Blajaith Aguilar, her coach, made a call this Monday morning in which she asked for the cooperation of the corresponding authorities to evacuate the country at war.

“At this moment we are preparing in a camp in Israel for the next Pan American Games, however the situation has taken a disturbing turn. As you know, the region was affected by an attack by the Hamas Group. Tension and concern have taken over our environment and given the seriousness of the situation, flights have been canceled, leaving us without the immediate possibility of returning to our Mexico,” Blajaith’s message begins.

“Given this panorama, we make a call and strongly request support from our government so that we can return safely to our home as soon as possible,” continues the coach.

Hours later, around noon, Blajaith Aguilar reported that they were already preparing to leave Israel on flights organized by authorities to repatriate hundreds of Mexicans who were in the country at the time of the outbreak of the conflict.

“We want to thank all the people who have been aware of us. Especially to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, to SEDENA, to the Mexican Gymnastics Federation, to the Olympic Committee. To CONADE and all the people who have been watching over us. We thank the people who have been behind, their support has truly been invaluable, we hope to see them soon in Mexico,” said the coach.

Source: El Sol de Mexico