Animal Protection Law Comes into Effect in Mexico City


Starting Thursday, March 28, the Animal Protection and Welfare Law will be implemented in Mexico City. This law seeks to promote respect and consideration for animals, fostering a more harmonious and responsible coexistence in society.

What is the new Animal Protection Law about?

The new Animal Protection and Welfare Law in Mexico City changes the consideration of pets from “domestic animals” to “companion animals.” Pet owners will now be called “responsible guardians.” The term “sacrifice” is eliminated and replaced by euthanasia, which will only be applied in cases of injuries or incurable diseases that cause suffering. It can also be applied in cases of behavioral problems that endanger the lives of others. All this must be diagnosed by a veterinarian with certification in ethology.

Regulations for Animal-Related Service Providers

The reforms establish responsibilities for profit-oriented services related to animals. Establishments such as pensions, veterinary hospitals, daycares, training schools, and funeral services are regulated to ensure they meet adequate standards of care and attention. Cases of animal cruelty and mistreatment, such as abandonment and unjustified death of healthy animals, are also detailed. These measures include the obligation to repair the damage caused, providing veterinary care and rehabilitation as necessary. The goal is to promote a respectful and responsible coexistence between humans and animals in Mexico City.

Source: Record