Xóchitl, the Eccentric Cinderella


If you look for her in a catalog, you won’t find her. She has the perfect profile to be a candidate. Her story is that of Cinderella, but improved because she doesn’t depend on any prince or petty king (like others) to be great, but on herself.

From humble beginnings, a woman from a small town with indigenous roots, an alcoholic father, a sister in jail, she had everything to lead a complicated life… like so many others. With everything, then, to victimize herself and demand compensation or give excuses or not stand out beyond her immediate surroundings.

And yet, X is a great success story. She is intelligent, brave, self-sufficient, sociable, cheerful, committed, sensitive, self-assured, rebellious, entrepreneurial, a leader, and with a great social sense. She is a winner who has plenty of time and energy to help others. Could you want a more exciting story than this?

She is a woman who knows how to solve problems because, to begin with, she solved her own in an extraordinary way. She doesn’t victimize herself; she takes responsibility, accepts, and builds better realities. She was determined to be great and she is. That’s why, because she inspires many of us, citizens have no trouble choosing her as a candidate for the presidency of the country. She is out of the ordinary, off-center, eccentric, extraordinary.

Today she faces a President addicted to power, just as she once faced a father addicted to alcohol. That President has already stolen Claudia’s soul and now wants to steal the election from Xóchitl and, from Mexicans, their rights and freedoms.

It’s up to Xóchitl to convince the undecided that she is really the right choice for Mexico. It’s not an easy task because she faces the entire governmental apparatus against her and equally, the apathy, conformism, convenience, ignorance, and mediocrity of many.

However, Xóchitl has what it takes to win and doesn’t have to do much. Just make herself known as she is. Without scripts, without cards, without image consulting, without complications. She has to listen to her heart and convey it to others with candor and honesty, as she always has. There’s nothing to hide, nothing to pretend or act, nothing to learn, except to bring out the best in herself again, come hell or high water.

If she’s going to win, it’s by being herself, and if she doesn’t make it by being herself, then truly, Mexico wasn’t ready for a woman of her stature.

I ask her image (and debate) advisors not to complicate her existence, not to get her into a dynamic of overthinking, to motivate her to flow, because she knows how to flow. Analysis helps to improve, but if it’s overdone, it brings doubts and insecurities.

When someone tells me they’re going to vote for Claudia or Morena, I always ask: “And Xóchitl, do you know her?” The answer is usually negative, sometimes they talk to me about the PRI or PAN or give me some other justification.

To which I reply: “I ask you a favor, look for her and follow her on her social networks, Facebook, Instagram, TikTok, or YouTube, whichever you prefer. Get to know her and vote on June 2, but don’t do it without first getting to know her, don’t deprive yourself of that opportunity.”

Let’s not try to sell Xóchitl with academic ideas of economy, good governance, honesty, health, security, or education. That’s not the way. That’s a matter for her platform and her team. People are not interested in abstract and much less academic topics. They want to vote for a flesh-and-blood candidate, with heart and mind, who inspires them, and Xóchitl has everything to do it by herself. Her story is beautiful and sells itself because it’s real and that’s how it’s perceived. Her story breaks many dogmas and myths, but even better, it inspires us to be the best we can be.

Xóchitl is the eccentric and rebellious Cinderella that Mexico needs to save itself from the alcoholic father, the lying and frivolous stepsister, poverty, defeatism, and injustice. Xóchitl doesn’t need to win, win or lose, she’s already a winner. The need is ours, it’s up to us to decide to be winners or losers this June 2.

By Santiago Roel

Source: Forbes