Popeyes will invest 9 million dollars to reach 50 restaurants in Mexico


The fried chicken chain currently has 36 locations. The brand arrived in the country in 2021.

Popeyes, the fried chicken chain in the style of New Orleans, announced investments of nine million dollars for the opening of 14 new branches in the country and thus consolidate its expansion in Mexico.

The chain currently has 36 units in Mexico City, State of Mexico, Guadalajara and Monterrey.

The fast food chain, which arrived in Mexico in 2021, reported that this growth is a key milestone in Popeyes’ international presence.

The press release did not detail which cities the new branches will be installed in or when they will be opened.

“We are very excited about the openings. Since the brand arrived in Mexico a couple of years ago, we have become the favorite chicken of most of the guests who visit us,” said Bryan Rojas Áviles, commercial director of Popeyes in Mexico, quoted in a statement.

To stay within the taste of Mexicans, the chain adapts its menu to local palates. Last month it launched a series of special sauces for the Mexican market. “For Mexico, we launched an exclusive line with a spicy flavor, which can be enjoyed throughout the menu,” said the executive.

Source: Expansion