Tizayuca Barbecue: this is the best you can get in CDMX


The barbecue from Tizayuca, a gastronomic treasure rooted in the tradition of Hidalgo, has found its place in Mexico City. Here we tell you where you can enjoy this delicious dish in the country’s capital.

Tizayuca is known by many as the “cradle of the best barbecue,” as it is not just any dish, but a meal that has a historical legacy.

And it is that its cooking method dates to pre-Hispanic times, which is carried out by means of a hole dug in the ground, embers of burning wood, and hot stones. In Tizayuca, Hidalgo, this tradition is kept alive.

Now, lovers of this delicacy have the opportunity to enjoy it without leaving Mexico City, thanks to the arrival of establishments that offer authentic Tizayuca barbecue in the capital.

Where to eat Tizayuca barbecue in CDMX?

Through the meticulous selection of ingredients and the application of cooking techniques that respect the culinary heritage of past generations, these gastronomic establishments have managed to precisely emulate the delicious taste and excellence of authentic barbecue.

La Oveja Negra

This restaurant is recognized for its Barbecue made in Hidalgo, it has more than 75 years of experience and “generations of customers will back the quality of the products and services,” says La Oveja Negra on its official Facebook page.

The place is located at Sabino 213, Santa María la Rivera neighborhood, Cuauhtémoc borough.

El Caballo Azteca

This restaurant located at José María de la Cueva #7, Ojo de Agua neighborhood, Tláhuac borough, has been providing service since 1990. Here you can enjoy oven-baked lamb barbecue.

El Hidalguense

Here also one of the best barbecues is prepared. Its unique quality and flavor are due to the fact that they follow the traditional recipe. You can find this restaurant at Campeche 157, Roma Sur, Cuauhtémoc.

For lovers of good food and unique culinary experiences, trying the Tizayuca barbecue in Mexico City is an option that you cannot miss, as it has an unmistakable flavor thanks to its tradition.

Source: Radio Formula