Isn’t It Mexico? Taste Atlas Reveals Which Country Has the Best Tacos in the World


The renowned gastronomic publication surprised millions of readers by not ranking any establishment from our country as number 1.

Mexico’s relationship with its food is so deep that it is almost unthinkable to separate our country from the iconic tacos. However, a surprise has emerged in the gastronomic field: according to Taste Atlas, the best taqueria in the world is not located in Mexico, but in the United States. This recognition has generated surprise and debate among lovers of Mexican cuisine.

Taste Atlas, a prominent digital publication known for its listings of the best in the culinary world, has caused a stir by proclaiming Valentina’s Tex Mex BBQ, located in Austin, Texas, as number one on its list of the best taquerias. This establishment has gained fame for its exquisite brisket tacos, barbecued steak, and other delicacies.

The second place was also awarded to a Texan restaurant: Ray’s Drive Inn, in San Antonio. Its famous “Puff Taco,” made with tender stewed meat served in a crispy tortilla, has won over the most demanding palates.

What is the best Mexican taqueria, according to Taste Atlas?

Surprisingly, it is not until the third place in the Taste Atlas ranking that a Mexican taqueria appears: Mariscos El Mazateño, located in Tijuana. This establishment has delighted its customers with its acclaimed spicy shrimp tacos, earning well-deserved international recognition.

The origin of the term “taco” dates back to the mining industry, where a piece of paper was used to wrap gunpowder. Today, it immediately evokes the famous preparation of a tortilla with various fillings, a tradition rooted in the vast Mexican gastronomy that encompasses a wide range of stews.

However, it is important to consider some points before unleashing a fervent debate. Taste Atlas, being an American publication, bases its rankings on the appreciations of culinary critics, many of whom reside in the United States or Europe. This perspective can generate discrepancies with the Mexican public, which has an intimate and deep-rooted relationship with its traditional food.

The recognition given to Valentina’s Tex Mex BBQ and other American establishments as outstanding taquerias of the world underscores the growing popularity and diversity of Mexican cuisine internationally. Despite differences of opinion, this debate highlights the passion and pride that Mexico feels for its incomparable gastronomy, a cultural treasure recognized around the world.

Source: Infobae