Mexico becomes the first Latin American country ever visited by Amal


Amal, the giant puppet that represents a 10-year-old Syrian refugee girl, visited the Chamber of Representatives of Mexico, the first country in Latin America to travel as a symbol of the fight for human rights.

Rosa María González Azcárraga, federal representative of the PAN and president of the Immigration Affairs Commission, welcomed the figure and expressed that “the way we see those like her who have to leave their country, because they can no longer live there, no one is exempt from experiencing it. Also, in how we accept cultural forms to integrate them into our daily lives.”

Giovanni Lepri, representative of the United Nations Refugee Agency in Mexico ( UNHCR ), reiterated that Amal’s message is simple and fundamental since she has been given a warm welcome in Mexico.

He stressed that our country has shown throughout its history to be supportive of people on the move: “We firmly hope that they continue to do so, your visit Amal to the legislative branch is significant.”

The High Commissioner for Refugees highlighted that it is important to put the rights of children at the center and shared that worldwide 30% are under 18 years of age, and more than 41% are children and adolescents who are mobile.

The puppet explored the esplanade of the Lower House, greeted children, visitors, and staff, touched and stared at one of the plants, and looked through the windows of one of the buildings.

Amal’s trip will continue to Oaxaca and Tapachula, where the passage of migrants has increased in recent months.

Source: El Universal

The Mexico City Post