Marcelo Ebrard issues ultimatum to Morena; he threatens to leave the party


Marcelo Ebrard announced that on September 18 he will formalize a political movement that he himself will lead.

Marcelo Ebrard issued an ultimatum to Morena: if the challenge he presented to the National Commission of Honesty and Justice (CNHJ) against the process to select the coordinator of the Fourth Transformation Committees is not resolved, he will leave the party.

“I consider that if those different circumstances and incidents that occurred remain the same, then I would no longer have interest in being in Morena. For what reason? Because if a naturalization letter is given to governors and mayors to intervene, why should I remain there? From my point of view it is a major issue,” she declared this afternoon in a message.

The former chancellor commented that this decision would be defining the future of Morena and questioned whether this type of practice would be seen in all the surveys that the party orders to carry out to select its candidates for public office.

“It’s not an outburst, it’s a conviction. We await Morena’s response; she has to give it these days. If from her own point of view, all the irregularities that we have presented did not occur, nothing happened, then yes, her servant’s decision would be to not continue participating, because I do not support those behaviors,” she declared.

He noted that the legislators who support them asked him not to make a decision until he receives a response from the CNHJ; For this reason, he reiterated that if nothing is done regarding the intervention of governors, mayors, and the use of social programs in the process to select the coordinator of the Fourth Transformation, he will leave Morena.

In addition, Ebrard announced that on September 18 he will formalize his national political movement, which will be called the “Progressive Movement” and commented that this will be made up of members of Morena, PT, and PVEM.

In addition, he mentioned that from September to October he will travel throughout the country to “meet again” with those who supported him, supported them, and “voted” in his favor, as well as to explain to them what is currently happening.

At the end of his message, he referred to President Andrés Manuel López Obrador and emphasized that he has been his most loyal collaborator and that he would never harm him for political reasons.

Last night, Ebrard presented the challenge before the CNHJ, which is based on the document that Senator Malú Mícher presented to Morena weeks ago, in which she denounced 62 irregularities that were found, such as tampering with ballot boxes, intervention by officials of the Secretariat of Welfare, custody of ballot boxes by officials and that Claudia Sheinbaum’s team knew where the survey was going to take place.

Source: OEM

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