Eat ALL the tacos you want at this CDMX buffet for only 99 pesos 


If you are one of the people for whom an order of tacos is not enough to satisfy your hunger, we will tell you about the taco shop in Mexico City (CDMX) that has a buffet for only 99 pesos, with which you can eat all the tacos you want 

Taquitos are the most recognized Mexican dish worldwide thanks to their flavor and versatility to create a wide variety of options, including pastor, carnitas, basket, etc. 

In addition to the restaurants with the traditional buffet, in CDMX there is a taquería where you can eat all the tacos you want for less than 100 pesos. 

The CDMX taco shop that has a taco buffet for 99 pesos 

The “La Hurracarrana” taco shop in CDMX offers a taco buffet for only 99 pesos, making it an ideal option if you are a lover of Mexican food. 

In this restaurant you can order all the taquitos, tortas or burritos you want, with the meat of your choice: pastor, steak, sausage or campechanos. 

This taco shop has two branches in CDMX that are open from Tuesday to Sunday: 

     Roma branch: 329 Tonalá street, Roma Sur neighborhood. 

     Xola branch: 189 Toledo street, Álamos neighborhood.  

If you are a lover of taquitos, now you know that in the “La Hurracarrana” taco shop, in CDMX, you can eat all you want in its buffet that costs only 99 pesos. 

  Source: Radio Formula