Navy arrest ‘Barbie’ with 10 kilos of methamphetamine at the Mexico City airport 


A man and a woman were detained at the “Benito Juárez” International Airport of Mexico City after it was detected that they intended to fly to Madrid, Spain and Narita, Japan, respectively, with methamphetamine. 

The first arrest was made by the staff of the air terminal, after finding more than 5 kilos of methamphetamine hidden in the suitcase of the man who was going to board a flight to the Iberian Peninsula. 

While the woman, dressed in a Barbie sweatshirt, carried, divided into two suitcases, a load of almost 11 kilos of crystal methamphetamine, which she was looking for transferred to the city of Narita in Japan. 

Both seizures were carried out by personnel from the Mexican Secretariat of the Navy (SEMAR), and both the passengers and the drug were made available to the Federal Public Ministry, “always maintaining respect for the Human Rights of individuals,” indicated the institution. 

“Actions such as these ratify the commitment of Semar and the AICM to avoid illegal actions at our airport and thereby create security conditions for passengers,” the AICM reported in a statement. 

So far in 2023, the Secretary of the Navy has managed to seize more than 40 kilograms of methamphetamine from passengers at the Mexico City International Airport. 

  Source: Por Esto