It’s almost ready! New Mexican airline prepares the sale of tickets for its flights 


Find out when this new airline will start its operations and plan your trips through Mexico 

The Ministry of Tourism of Mexico (Sectur) and the Ministry of National Defense (Sedena) reported that they are already working together to start a ticket sales plan for the new Mexican airline, which will begin to offer service to Mexicans to different destinations, which represents another option to build your tours within the country. 

The new airline is about to start operations, according to the Secretary of Tourism, Miguel Torruco Marqués, since he specified that this week, he will have some meetings with the Sedena generals to detail the actions to start the operations of the new airlines, and routes that will be part of the options of travelers. 

When does the new Mexican airline start its operations? 

Mexicana de Aviación will begin its operations in December of this year 2023, indicated Torruco Marqués, since he commented that the federal government’s plan is for the company to start selling tickets, which would have to be done close to the start dates of the flights, so as not to have setbacks before this event. 

They also talked about the operation of the Mayan Train and it was detailed that the Sedena has received a strategy of 65 tourist vacation packages, from the simplest to the luxury, as part of the different options that national and international visitors will have to increase activity in the sector. 

It was recalled that for this year 2023 there is a perspective of 31 billion dollars invested in Mexico in tourist currencies, with which an annual growth of 11 percent is expected, which will benefit both businessmen, service providers and families of regions engaged in any of these activities. 

He also pointed out that in what has to do with hotel infrastructure, approximately 13,500 rooms were built in 2021 and by the end of the current administration, this figure will stabilize at 20,000 hotel rooms per year, great news for service providers and businessmen from these regions, who will be the main beneficiaries.  

The start of operations of Mexicana de Aviación will mark the new beginning of flights with the possibility that Mexicans have more options to plan their family vacation by choosing costs that suit their budgets, another airline company will certainly be great news for passionate nomads. 

  Source: Escapada