How many hours is it from Mexico City to Mazatlán and how much do the toll booths cost during Easter vacation?


If you decide to travel by car, you should consider the expense of at least 17 toll booths and gasoline.

Mazatlán is a beautiful beach location, situated in the state of Sinaloa and known by tourists or travelers as “The Pearl of the Pacific,” which can be a good option to visit during the upcoming Easter vacation, starting from Monday, March 25, or at any time of the year.

In that case, if you wish to travel to this little place of sun, sand, and sea, to take a ride in the famous carts known as “pulmonías,” as well as enjoy the band music by the sea or eat the best seafood in the Pacific, then this information is for you.

Next, we will reveal the approximate time it takes for a person to reach this site from Mexico City. And it is that Mazatlán also offers beautiful sunsets and a wide variety of activities to discover.

How many hours is it from Mexico City to Mazatlán?

According to statistical data, the approximate travel time by car is almost 13 hours. However, the traveler will have to take into account the number of toll booths they must pass to achieve their goal.

According to the specialized tool “Traza tu Ruta” from the Ministry of Communications and Transport, motorists will have to pass through at least 17 toll booths.

The total price of all is 2,752 pesos, although you should also consider the costs of gasoline, lodging, and meals.

What to do in Mazatlán?

Mazatlán, known as the Pearl of the Pacific, positions itself as one of the most attractive places for tourism in Mexico, especially in the state of Sinaloa. This destination is notable not only for its beautiful beaches but also for a wide range of activities that range from tours along its extensive boardwalk to tasting its exquisite maritime cuisine.

The uniqueness of Mazatlán is accentuated with its cultural and recreational offerings. Visitors can enjoy rides in the traditional “pulmonías,” vehicles similar to golf carts, ideal for touring the 7-kilometer-long boardwalk, considered the second-longest in the world. Additionally, Mazatlán is recognized for its lively nightlife in the Golden Zone, as well as for its emblematic sculptures and establishments selling local handicrafts.

The cuisine of Sinaloa is another of the great attractions of Mazatlán, with dishes such as zarandeado fish, aguachile, shrimp and sierra ceviche, as well as shrimp, oyster, and octopus cocktails. The “governor” tacos and “barbones” shrimp tamales exemplify the culinary richness of the region. Mazatlán Aquarium offers a diverse educational experience, allowing visitors unique interactions with marine species such as sea lions or sharks.

This site also focuses on the conservation and protection of the environment, through various exhibitions and educational programs. Another gem of this destination is Venados Island, perfect for activities such as snorkeling or kayaking, thanks to the calm conditions of its waters.

Source: Infobae