Parents attack a kindergarden teacher in the State of Mexico (VIDEO)


A couple attacked a teacher at the Frida Kahlo School in Lomas de Cuautitlán, in Cuautitlán Izcalli, State of Mexico, since they claim that she allegedly assaulted her son and the director refused to address their complaint.

The episode was recorded by a security camera in the school yard and in it, you can see how the teacher answers the front door.

Immediately a woman walks in and attacks the teacher, while a man and a boy in caps go after them.

In the background, a minor, attracted by the noise, leans out of the window of a room.

In subsequent statements, the teacher recounted that the father of the family threatened her with a firearm and forced her to apologize to her son.

The school teacher and a cook, who was also threatened when trying to help, filed a formal complaint. The assaulted woman also clarified that she is not even the child’s teacher.

Source: El Heraldo de México

The Mexico City Post