Mexican Dual Citizenship Now Available Through Parents: How To Apply


Mexico has recently amended articles 314 and 1144 of the National Code of Civil and Family Procedures, allowing children born to Mexican parents to apply for dual citizenship.

The Mexican Senate passed this proposal with 94 votes in favor, aiming to simplify the process and eliminate the consular legalization or apostille requirement for verifying nationality and identity documents.

Under the revised articles, Mexicans born abroad or returning migrants with Mexican nationality can now apply for dual citizenship. They need to present both their foreign birth certificate and the birth certificate of their Mexican parent(s). This documentation will be sufficient to establish their identity and Mexican nationality for registration in the Civil Registry.

The move is significant, considering that U.S. trade with Mexico is nearly $800 billion annually, and the Ysleta port processes about nine to ten percent of that volume. The El Paso facility’s strategic location along a popular stopping point for trucks heading north and south across the border, as well as east and west along Interstate 10, makes it an ideal hub for cross-border trade.

The reform aims to address challenges faced by returning Mexican parents in obtaining recognition and Mexican nationality for their foreign-born children. Lack of nationality and identity for these children leaves them vulnerable, underscoring the importance of upholding their constitutional rights, including access to education and healthcare.

Source: Times Now