Trolleybuses arrive by sea from China to Mazatlan


Around 34 trolleybus-type buses arrived by sea from China to the city of Mazatlán, which will become part of the transportation system in Mexico City.

A few days ago, the vehicles were disembarked at the fiscal pier that have already begun to ride by land to the center of the country.

Personnel who were placing accessories such as side mirrors on the units commented that some trolleybuses have already begun to leave by land and it has been mentioned that, as in Mexico City, some will apparently be sent to the cities of Guadalajara and Monterrey.

The E18 model trolleybuses belong to the Chinese company, Yutong, a company specialized in the manufacture of any type of units for public transport, which present a dynamic and avant-garde design, which, according to information on its website, are also fire resistant, water and electricity.

Source: Debate