The new Mexicana soft drink is not entirely Mexican, what company produces it?


With a flavor that is still a mystery, the Mexicana soft drink promises to “accompany our traditions”, but it is not 100% Mexican.

At the end of February 2022, the new Mexicana soft drink was launched for sale, arousing the curiosity of consumers. Although the design of its label and its name make it clear that it is inspired by our country, the company that produces it is not 100% Mexican.

Another mystery, apart from who makes this drink, is its true taste. It’s advertising only says that it is “Mexico in a soft drink” and that it “will accompany our Mexican traditions.” However, no matter how closely you look at its label, it does not specify what flavors it is made of.

Those who have tried it say that it would be a mixture of peaches, jamaica, and other typical Mexican fruits, such as tangerines and even tejocote, but nothing is clear.

What the label does say is that it is manufactured by Quala Mexico, a subsidiary of the Colombian company Quala. In other words, it would apparently be part of the list of brands that you think are Mexican, but are not (or at least not entirely).

However, the company has a factory in Mexico, where the new drink is made, and it is most likely made with Mexican ingredients and raw materials.

The Mexicana soft drink is a ‘cousin’ of BonIce, Vive100, and Vitaloe among others

Quala began exploring the Mexican market in Mexico at the beginning of 2003 and began operations in February 2004. That same year they opened their first production plant in the country, based in Toluca, State of Mexico. This was the first subsidiary of Quala Internacional outside of Colombia.

Just a few months later, in June 2004, they started manufacturing their flagship product here: BonIce, which was sold on practically every corner.

Currently, Qualas Mexico has an interesting catalog of products, among which the Vive100 and Amper energy drinks stand out, as well as Vitaloe.

Of course, the company does not limit itself to manufacturing beverages, as they also have products such as Riko Pollo and Rikomate brand concentrated chicken broth, and Frutimax and Sabifrut powdered beverages.

Although the company plans to distribute its Mexicana soft drink in supermarkets and self-service stores, for now, it is only available in grocery stores. This can be found in three presentations: 355 ml can, 400 ml bottle and 600 ml bottle.


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