Waldo’s store sells the Kiwo electric car, perfect for fetching tortillas.


In recent weeks, Waldo’s store has seen an unusual influx of customers thanks to the arrival of a unique product that has caught the attention of shoppers: the Kiwo recreational vehicle.

This mini electric vehicle offers a great opportunity for those looking for an economical and ecological alternative for getting around the city.

The Kiwo, available in a variety of basic colors including black, red, gray, and white, is marketed at a price of $99,999.99 in all Waldo’s stores.

Although its compact size may deceive some, this vehicle is equipped with a series of surprising features. What are the features of Waldo’s electric car? The Kiwo is designed to offer freedom for short distances, with a range of up to 60 kilometers per hour on a single charge of its 60V-5Ah lead-acid battery. Its dimensions of 220 cm by 135 cm and a weight of 100 kilograms make it an agile and easy-to-handle option in congested urban environments.

The modern design of the Kiwo features elegant details, including LED lights, a distinctive front grille, and practical spaces for everyday objects. In addition, it comes equipped with amenities such as a radio, USB reader, windshield wipers, fog lights, and turn signals, making it a complete vehicle for its class.

With an MZ-60V-1200W engine and a maximum speed of 40 kilometers per hour, the Kiwo is ideal for local travel and recreational activities within the city. Its tires (120/70-12 inches on the front wheel and 5.00 R12 on the rear) provide a smooth and stable ride in different city conditions.

The Kiwo’s charging time ranges between 6 and 10 hours, allowing it to be recharged overnight for daytime use.

Its disc brake system, both front and rear, ensures a safe stop in any situation.

What are the usage recommendations for Waldo’s electric car?

Although the Kiwo is an excellent option for short and fun trips within the city, certain limitations should be considered. It is not recommended for long trips or for driving on main avenues, given its limited autonomy range and moderate maximum speed.

With capacity for up to three passengers, the Kiwo offers an economical alternative to traditional means of transportation. Its rear-wheel drive mode and compact size make it an attractive option for those seeking practical and environmentally friendly mobility in urban settings.

Source: Informador Caribe