Salinas Pliego asserts that Huatulco’s golf course is a government distraction from insecurity and corruption


The businessman criticized the deployment of the National Guard at the golf course while the country faces a violence issue

Businessman Ricardo Salinas Pliego responded to President Andrés Manuel López Obrador, asserting that the issue of the golf course in Huatulco is a distraction from the insecurity and corruption experienced in the country.

In a video published on his social networks, he pointed out that what happened at the Huatulco Golf Course was a tantrum and the authorities acted arbitrarily.

He commented that it was an occurrence of Jesús Ramírez’s team (or even his own), to which he said that he could play golf anywhere in the world and the only thing they did was remove a tourist attraction from the town of Huatulco and decrease the flow of tourists.

“These are distracting maneuvers by the government to divert attention from the country’s major problems: number 1) violence and insecurity, and the fear it generates in the population; and number 2) this stench of corruption that is already stinking a lot and, in many places,” stated the president of Grupo Salinas.

He questioned why, while decapitated people appear in the streets, the National Guard is dedicated to chasing the gardeners and caddies of the golf course.

“How is it possible that there are eighty deaths a day? Dispatched, killed by various methods, and they tell us that security is improving,” he pointed out, while questioning the figures of missing persons given by the Ministry of the Interior, assuring that they were wrong.

‘Do not hide the accounts from us’

On the other hand, the businessman described the president as an honest person; however, he said that the people around him are not.

“How is it possible that they tell us that they are going to distribute 500 billion MXN among the elderly of Mexico, but they do not give us an account person by person of how much they received. Is it very difficult?” he questioned.

He said that if they steal 10% of that figure, they would be stealing 50 billion pesos: “I am being accused of various amounts of 25 thousand, 30 thousand, 60 thousand in omitted taxes. First: I did not omit them. And second: I generated them.”

Likewise, he indicated that “it smells very bad” that the expenses incurred in the great pharaonic projects, such as the AIFA, the Dos Bocas refinery, and the Maya Train, are reserved.

“How can they be reserved for national security for ten years with the accounts hidden? Do not hide the accounts from us, president. You have always said that we must be transparent and that the truth is what leads us forward. I agree with that,” he emphasized.

Source: Politico