Mexicans contribute 324 billion USD to the United States economy: AMLO government


President Andrés Manuel López Obrador (AMLO) once again expressed his displeasure with the anti-immigrant initiatives promoted in the United States under the argument that undocumented migrants are the ones who bring drugs into U.S. territory.

The head of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs (SRE), Alicia Bárcena, pointed out that with figures “we can demonstrate that Mexicans are not criminals,” since nationals currently residing in the neighboring country contribute 324 billion dollars a year to the local economy, a figure higher than Colombia’s Gross Domestic Product (GDP).

She added that while Mexicans pay 1.38 dollars in taxes, Americans only pay 0.69 dollars, and that 7 out of 10 agricultural workers are Mexican.

Nationals pay taxes even if they are undocumented, Bárcena reiterated.

Furthermore, the foreign minister commented that although Mexicans send 63 billion dollars in remittances, this only represents 18% of their income, so the remaining percentage stays in the U.S. economy.

AMLO criticizes anti-immigrant policy The statements from AMLO’s team come after the enactment of Texas’ SB-4 law, considered one of the most drastic anti-immigrant measures in U.S. history along with Arizona’s SB-1070 from 2010.

The measure, promoted by Texas Governor, Republican Greg Abbott, turns the entry or attempted entry of a foreigner into the state without the corresponding visa into a misdemeanor, for which the migrant could receive a sentence of up to six months in jail.

Although the law is still being debated in courts, the Texas governor indicated that it is already being applied, this after the Supreme Court cleared the way for its implementation.

Likewise, the Mexican foreign minister has informed that the 11 consulates in Texas are instructed to offer protection, assistance, and guidance to Mexican citizens in case they face any problems related to the SB4 law.

Support for repatriated migrants

On the other hand, the AMLO government pointed out that repatriated Venezuelan migrants are receiving support of 110 dollars a month for six months, with the goal of them seeking to reestablish themselves in their country and no longer wanting to migrate. In this regard, the president mentioned that agreements have been established with Venezuelan and Mexican companies to give them jobs in their localities.

This same program applies to migrants from Guatemala and Honduras, and negotiations are underway with Colombia and Ecuador to benefit their citizens.

The president also indicated that an agreement has been reached with 50 Mexican companies in Mexico that will provide 10,000 jobs for migrants who stay in Mexico, and shelters are being built so that they are not on the streets and receive humanitarian support.

Source: El CEO