What are the most beautiful lakes in Mexico?


In addition to their incredible view, in these lakes you can practice water sports, fish and stay in cabins

Are you a fan of nature tourism? If the answer is yes, then you have to know the most beautiful lakes in Mexico. Their environment is ideal for a weekend getaway, so go ahead and plan your itinerary! In Destinations we will tell you which ones they are.

Which are the most beautiful lakes in Mexico to vacation?

Lake Chapala

The lakes cover a large extension of the surface of Mexico. The largest, precisely, is that of Chapala, which runs from Jalisco to Michoacán in at least one thousand 116 square kilometers.

According to the Chapala tourism site, in general, its climate is temperate and in summer it rains. Previously, it was known as the “Mar Chapalico” and it was used by the pre-Hispanic cultures as a trade route.

In its waters, native vegetation is hidden, such as tripilla, lilies, reed, guaje … Around it is possible to observe deer, coyotes, skunks, rabbits and rattlesnakes.

Lake Chapala is a protected natural area, with a large number of attractions around it: restaurants, boutique hotels, art galleries and vineyards.

Lake Tequesquitengo

In Morelos, Lake Tequesquitengo has spas, restaurants, beach clubs, boat rides, hot air balloon flights, diving and swimming pools on its shores.

According to the government of the entity, the settlers settled in the areas surrounding the lagoon to cultivate corn, sesame and tequesquite, material with which soaps and purgatives for livestock are made.

It is the deepest lake in the country with at least 30 meters. Occasionally, some exotic animals take over its waters, as the town is the birthplace of skunks, opossums, shrews, lynxes and bats.

In addition to the body of water, other attractions near the area: Jardines de México, the Exhacienda de Temixco, the ecological spa of Xochitepec, the Amacuzac river, the Cacahuamilpa caves and the archaeological zone of Xochicalco.

Lake Pátzcuaro

The beauty of Lake Pátzcuaro in Michoacán is due to its islands, such as Pacanda, Yunuén, Tecuén, Janitzio and Urandén Morelos. They are suitable vacation centers for any time of the year, as there is always something to do.

There are cabins hidden among trees and little-traveled viewpoints. And it is that only a couple of the islands are inhabited by indigenous peoples, who are in charge of safeguarding the natural and cultural heritage of the region.

One of its emblematic celebrations occurs on the Day of the Dead, a date when the streets are infected with joy to make a tour to the pantheon and venerate the loved ones who went ahead.

Research in which of them you can practice kayaking, boating, water skiing, wakeboarding, fishing, snorkeling or hiking, hiking and cycling in the mountains that surround them.

Source: El Universal