How to get your e.signature WITHOUT going to the SAT? We tell you the step by step to do it


The e.signature is an encrypted and secure document, with which you can do procedures and reduce times. We tell you how to get it without having to go to the SAT.

Individuals must have their e.signature, which is necessary to do procedures or requests electronically and thus reduce the time to complete any management.

The e.signature is the set of data and characters that identifies you when carrying out procedures and services on the internet at the Tax Administration Service (SAT), as well as in other dependencies, federative entities, municipalities and the private initiative.

The digital document is a secure and encrypted file, which has the validity of an autograph signature.

What does the e.signature consist of?

The e.signature consists of three elements:


File key


It must be entered whenever the page requests it, as it works to carry out procedures in a safe way without having to go to the dependency offices.

How to get your e.signature?

When you need to obtain your e.signature for the first time or an update to the e.signature file is required, you will have to go to the SAT for the procedure and you need:

Present original or certified copy of a valid official identification.

Present a simple copy of the CURP

If you registered in the RFC with CURP through the SAT Portal or through the “Scheme of Registration to the Federal Taxpayers Registry through Public Notary or Remote Means”, you must present the original of your fiscal domicile proof.

In the case of salaried workers, the credential to vote issued by the National Electoral Institute (formerly Federal Electoral Institute) may be accepted to prove their domicile (as long as the same is indicated on it).

Removable memory unit (USB).


How to get the e.signature WITHOUT going to the SAT?

To be able to activate your e.signature without going to the SAT offices, the first thing you must have is the SAT mobile app installed on your device, log in to

Then you go to the section that says Procedures, in the services section select the portable e.signature, click on the section that says High Service, enter your RFC and password, select the email with which you registered your tax mailbox, attach the files of your e.signature and you will get a QR code.

Later, to be able to activate your e-signature, you need to open your SAT mobile application from your cell phone, select portable e-signature, scan the QR code that you obtained from your internet browser and you get your file.

Remember that the validity of the e.signature is 4 years from the date you did the procedure.

Source: Milenio