Modem CFE: Does cheap internet really work in Mexico?


After launching the MiFi modem, CFE provides 4.5G internet coverage throughout the country

According to users of the broadband and low-cost internet offered by the Federal Electricity Commission (CFE), the browsing service is recommended for its portable use, but the data package runs out in a short time.

The 4.5G connectivity network became popular among Mexicans due to its internet packages at affordable prices, such as 5GB for 95 pesos per month.

Under the slogan “telecommunications and internet for all”, CFE launched its internet service with the MiFi modem, a name that comes from the wordplay in English: “my wifi”. Thanks to a SIM card connected to the 4.5G network, this device allows access to the internet from anywhere with wireless signal coverage.

According to the official compatibility portal, the packages are divided according to the number of data available, time of use, and capacity to connect several devices to a single modem. In addition, it offers a payment service that can be daily, monthly, semi-annual, or annual; with the most expensive package at 2,100 pesos for 30 days.

What is the opinion of the users?

Through a review published on YouTube, the user bambam xc shared his experience with the service of 5GB of mobile data per month. According to the video consulted by NotiPress, under moderate use and with daily browsing, the MiFi modem ends this data package in approximately 10 days.

For his part, the user @robertorandom from TikTok performed a series of tests on the CFE modem, also known as “internet of well-being”. Through its use in rural areas of the country, Roberto Random found that the download speed is close to 5 Mbps, while the upload speed is around 0.65 Mbps.

Likewise, Mercado Libre users have left more than a thousand reviews on the MiFi options that are sold through this platform. According to the research carried out by NotiPress, the portability of the modem is a point in favor for consumers; however, they reported a rapid decline in data usage, especially when using social networks with multimedia content, such as videos on YouTube and Meta (formerly Facebook).

It should be noted that the MiFi models sold by authorized distributors on online platforms also support the Telcel network and telephony service. To acquire a device exclusively enabled with CFE Internet, it is necessary to use the official portal, whose shipment can take up to 3 weeks according to users.

Source: A News