Mexico’s one big advantage over the US right now could stall the ‘Made in America’ push

  • Many US businesses have taken steps to reduce supply chain risks.
  • Some firms are bringing manufacturing jobs back to the US, but finding workers has been a challenge.
  • Mexico’s growing manufacturing base has made it an attractive alternative for US businesses. 

The push by US businesses to make more stuff in America has an ongoing challenge: It’s hard to find workers.

That’s due in part to the country’s low unemployment rate, which could make it difficult for companies to bring manufacturing jobs back to the US, says Christian Ulbrich, CEO of the real estate services company JLL.

“There aren’t any people to do the work,” Ulbrich told Business Insider editor in chief Matt Turner at the recent World Economic Forum.

Ulbrich says this stands in sharp contrast to Mexico, whose… Read full article here