New Year’s Eve Dinner: for an unforgettable celebration


Whether at home or in some of the most emblematic places in Mexico City, celebrate with traditional dishes and the best wines; these are our recommendations to welcome 2024

The New Year’s Eve Dinner emerges as an invaluable opportunity to reconnect with the most essential: family and friends, as celebrating the transition to a new year in the company of our loved ones, is not only a choice, but an investment in lasting bonds and in the construction of unforgettable memories.

It is a propitious moment to reflect on the achievements and challenges of the year that ends, and to project goals and shared dreams for the future, therefore the family unit becomes an emotional refuge, providing unconditional support.

Pair your dishes with the best wines

Receiving the new year with traditional dishes, such as turkey, leg or pork loin, romeritos, cod, pasta or apple salad is one of the most emotional family rituals of the season, which contributes to forging identity and consolidating values.

Whether preparing a special dinner together, sharing anecdotes of the year or participating in meaningful activities, these traditions become pillars that strengthen family cohesion.

To mark this occasion, we have decided to share a special dinner at our home, and what better way to accompany it than with an exceptional wine. This year, we have chosen the Lleiroso Reserva to enhance the flavors of our table.

And it is that, the Lleiroso Reserva of the Denomination of Origin of Ribera del Duero, is considered as one of the best wines of the year: winner of international awards: Gold Medal in the Brussels World Competition and Gold Medal in the Mundus Vini.

The Lleiroso Reserva is made with carefully selected grapes and its aging process in French oak barrels gives it an elegance and remarkable complexity. It has aromas of ripe fruits, spices and subtle touches of vanilla, which will perfectly complement the flavors of our New Year’s Eve dinner.

In addition, for the midnight toast, we have chosen the Bornos Brut, a sparkling wine that will add a festive touch to our celebration.

The Bornos Brut of the Denomination of Origin Rueda is made with grapes of the Verdejo variety, bringing freshness and vivacity; its fine and persistent bubbles will give us an effervescent and festive sensation.

Its refreshing and balanced flavor will be the perfect companion for the toast that will mark the beginning of a new year full of hope and opportunities.

In this New Year’s Eve, let’s raise our glasses and celebrate together the achievements, the lessons learned and the new adventures that await us. May the next year be full of joy, health and success for everyone.

Night of elegance and exquisite gastronomy

Mexico City is preparing to receive the new year with outstanding celebrations that promise to take elegance and gastronomic delight to new heights. Cuerno Masaryk and JW Marriott, are two iconic places to welcome 2024.

Here is the translation in English:

Located on one of the most vibrant avenues in the country’s capital, Cuerno Masaryk stands as a benchmark of sophistication and flavor. Its proposal for the night of New Year’s Eve 2023 combines culinary creativity with ingredients of the highest quality. Among the outstanding dishes are:

Tuna tartare with avocado and sesame, a fresh explosion of flavors that prepares the palate for a unique gastronomic experience.

Grilled beef fillet with red wine sauce and mushroom risotto, a dish that promises to delight the senses with intense flavors and an impeccable presentation.

For dessert, it offers chocolate and red fruits, a sweet ending that culminates the evening with an indulgent note.

Luxury and world-class entertainment

On the other hand, the JW Marriott has prepared a celebration that goes beyond the gastronomic, offering a complete experience of luxury and entertainment.

The Gala Dinner in the Main Hall with renowned chefs who have created a gala menu that ranges from exquisite seafood to vegetarian options, guaranteeing a varied and refined culinary experience.

The night will be enlivened with live music and exclusive performances, immersing the attendees in a festive atmosphere and the midnight toast on the terrace, where the guests will have the opportunity to welcome the new year with a toast on the terrace, enjoying panoramic views of the city.

Both places offer attendees unique experiences that fuse luxury, gastronomy and entertainment. The city awaits with anticipation the moment when the clocks mark midnight and these two iconic locations light up with the joy and promise of the new year.

Source: Milenio