The first edition of the Sundance Film Festival CDMX arrives


The Sundance Film Festival is a prestigious independent film festival that is held annually in Park City, Utah, United States. The festival was founded by actor and director Robert Redford in 1978 with the aim of promoting independent cinema, giving visibility to innovative films and providing a platform for emerging filmmakers.

The 2024 edition of this festival took place from January 18 to 28 in Park City and Salt Lake City. However, it will arrive in Mexican lands for the first time through the Cinépolis cinema chain.

What is this event about?

The best of this year’s Sundance Festival will arrive in Mexico. But not only will the films do so, but also the stars and talent involved in that selection of films. Panels, discussions, red carpets and other industry events will come together to compose what promises to be the most imperative festival in the capital.

It is an event organized jointly by Cinépolis, the giant of film exhibition in Mexico and Latin America; and by the Sundance Institute, an organization famous worldwide for its film festival.

This association marks a milestone in the film history of the country, as it aims to be a bridge between independent filmmakers and the audience of Mexico. As well as a compilation of the best of the festival. Joana Vicente, CEO of the Sundance Institute, expressed her enthusiasm for the collaboration between the Institute and Cinépolis. It is exciting for both parties to launch the first Sundance Film Festival CDMX in Mexico City.

“Being able to interact with the local community through innovative films and compelling conversations, while maintaining the power to connect artists and their works with audiences, shows a clear synergy between Sundance and Cinépolis,” Vicente said.

What can we see in this edition?

The selection of films to be exhibited comes from the recently celebrated 40th edition of the festival in Utah. The curation currently rests in the hands of the team led by Kim Yutani, the Programming Director, and is supervised by Eugene Hernández, director of the Sundance Film Festival and Public Programming.

“We can’t wait to bring a selection of this year’s program to Mexico City! We have such a rich history in exhibiting and supporting artists and their works, from Mexico and all of Latin America, that we know that this first Sundance Film Festival CDMX will be received with enthusiasm this spring by the vibrant film-loving audience, artists and film industry of Mexico City,” Hernández said.

For his part, Alejandro Ramírez, general director of Cinépolis, was proud of the association with the Sundance Institute. He highlighted the relevance of Mexico City as a film epicenter that until now has few film festivals.

“Mexico City is such an important city in terms of film lovers and moviegoers. However, there are only a handful of festivals throughout the year,” Ramírez said. “With the Sundance Film Festival CDMX, we will bring the highlights of the edition, which took place earlier this year. We hope it will become the film festival that the population of Mexico City is looking for,” the general director of Cinépolis emphasized.

Will there be special activities?

The Sundance Film Festival CDMX will not only be a platform for screening films, but also a space for dialogue and interaction between the film community and the public. The organizers promise several industry events and panel discussions with filmmakers. In addition to the visits of the talent involved (actors, directors and craftsmen), who will travel to the capital to present their feature films.

Mexico City is thus preparing to receive an event that promises to enrich its already dynamic cultural panorama, bringing the local public closer to the international independent film scene.

What are the venues?

The cinemas selected to host the first Sundance Film Festival CDMX are Cinépolis Diana and Cinépolis Miyana. Both cinemas located in strategic points of the center of the Mexican capital.

When will the festival be?

The Sundance Film Festival CDMX will take place from April 25 to 28, 2024 in the Cinépolis theaters.

Source: ProCine