CDMX: Millions of devotees arrive on December 12 to pay tribute to the Virgin of Guadalupe

Photo by Edgar Henríquez, LC in Unsplash

As every year, millions of devotees arrive on December 12 to pay tribute to the Virgin of Guadalupe, an event that unites the Mexican community in a festivity full of tradition, faith, and fervor.

Two days ago, the emblematic Basilica of Guadalupe was the scene of the traditional mañanitas, where prominent entertainment figures and talents from TV Azteca and Televisa came together to express their devotion to the Morenita del Tepeyac.

That evening commemorated the 492nd anniversary of the apparitions of Saint Mary of Guadalupe before Juan Diego in Tepeyac.

The mayor of Gustavo A. Madero assured that, from November 13 to Sunday, December 10, one million 571 thousand 842 pilgrims have arrived at the Basilica of Guadalupe.

It should be noted that road closures continued on December 12, so the perimeter marked by Insurgentes Norte, Cantera, Martín Carrera, Ferrocarril Hidalgo, and Talismán avenues remains closed, allowing only local traffic.

 8,000 duly identified police officers were deployed along Calzada de Guadalupe to support whatever was necessary.

The Gustavo A. Madero mayor’s office becomes the shelter for parishioners from a week before December 12 and continues until the 13th or 14th of the same month when all foreigners return to their places of origin.

The arrival of all these faithful to the Basilica of Guadalupe, according to Mayor Francisco Chíguil, could bring a new record since the capacity of the facility is 10,000 people inside, which means an average of 6,600 people every minute.

“We are also establishing 34 first contact points for medical care and we are in close coordination with nine hospitals available in emergencies and the heliports that we have in our mayor’s office as well, to be able to provide better care to families, people who will visit us, who We estimate that, as in previous years, there will be close to 11 million people that we can receive until December 12,” the mayor explained.

Due to the high demand, staff from the mayor’s office and Citizen Security of Mexico City will be working at full speed to guarantee the well-being of the pilgrims so that they can have a pleasant celebration.

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