What do Mexicans smell like? Foreigners came to a conclusion and you won’t believe it


A TikToker said that on her trip to Canada they revealed to her exactly what the smell of Mexicans was and Internet users went ‘crazy’ over the response.

People who travel abroad always return home with peculiar stories and the one experienced by TikTok user @zuryvillarr is sweeping, since it has to do with personal smell.

Foreigner reveals that Mexicans smell like “cow’s milk” and TikTok video explodes with the response

The woman originally from Mexico shared on October 24 that due to an embarrassing situation she managed to discover how foreigners perceive the smell of Mexicans.

It turns out that on her last trip to Toronto, Canada, the girl ordered a taxi with her brother to leave the airport and get to the city center.

According to her ‘story time’, Zury explained that, upon boarding, they both stated that the driver was from India and “smelled a little strange,” which they commented in a conversation in Spanish that they had in a low voice.

It was there that, faced with criticism, they noticed that the taxi driver understood perfectly what they said and this happened.

“We never realized that this person spoke Spanish, then he realized what we were talking about. He turned around and said, ‘Mexicans smell like cow’s milk!’ I don’t know what made me feel more sorry if he heard what I said about him.” or that we smell like cow’s milk.”


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The @zuryvillarr video quickly accumulated more than 1.4 million views and various points of view were expressed in the comments.

First, those who saw it with humor and were not offended by the comment expressed themselves; on the contrary, they perceived it as a compliment, since they do not consider it an unpleasant smell.

“Yes we smell like milk and corn, we practically smell like a plate of ‘confleis'”, “Well, as long as it’s not spoiled milk everything is fine, a thousand times better than curry”, “Babies smell like milk and everyone loves baby smell, so I’m not offended”, “Well cows are sacred in India hahaha I don’t know if it was a compliment or an insult hahaha”, “When I don’t bathe I smell like birria or barbecue”, “Don’t generalize. I smell like chilaquiles all day”, “Everyone likes milk, so everything is fine there” or “They love cows, so they love our smell” were some of them.

Another small group focused on pointing out the author of the clip for her behavior in criticizing others, but they were satisfied to see that she had received a strong response.

Strangely enough, some Internet users commented that in fact, other foreigners agree that Mexicans smelled like milk and also like corn.

“We smell like corn… That’s what my European friends have told me”, “All countries and their people have an aroma due to the diet they consume and the most recurring comment about our country is that we smell like corn”, “In Paris they told me “We smell like corn, but it didn’t bother me, on the contrary, I like the smell of a freshly made warm tortilla”, “I’ve heard that a lot, supposedly we smell like dairy/butter, but to date I don’t know if I eat sweet or sour milk” , “They say that Mexico smells like corn because it’s true, we smell because of our diet and we consume a lot of corn” and “Living in Toronto, some friends also told us that Mexicans smell like corn hahaha and I found it so funny”, is how they reacted.

Source: Univision