Mexico-Querétaro: for this reason they blocked the highway


The impact on circulation reaches the Tepotzotlán toll booth

In a large demonstration that brought together 450 members of the Organization of the National Assembly of Electrical Energy Users (ANUEE), voices were raised demanding a fair price for electricity consumption.

The cry of protest resonated on the main roads of the Mexico-Querétaro highway, specifically in the side and center lanes, near the town of Tepalcapa, in the municipality of Cuautiltlán Izcalli, a strategic area for those traveling to the second floor of this highway, vital communication artery towards Mexico City.

The demonstration, which surprised drivers and passers-by alike, became an act of palpable pressure. The protesters, many of whom were former workers of the Federal Electricity Commission (CFE), reported municipal authorities.

The complainants made clear their discontent with the electricity rates, which they consider unfair and inaccessible to the common citizen. They also seek employment reintegration in the CFE, for which they will not move until they are attended to.

The road impact resulting from this protest is notable, with an accumulation of heavy-duty vehicles that extended to the limits of the Tepotzotlán municipality booth. Traffic became a real challenge for those who needed to travel through that part of the highway, generating considerable chaos in neighboring municipalities such as Tepotzotlán, Cuautitlán, Tultitlán, Huehuetoca and Teoloyucan.

The situation caused the authorities to recommend that drivers use alternative routes, such as the old Cuautitlán-Tlalnepantla highway, as an option to reach Mexico City without major obstacles, although it also presents a heavy load.

This ANUEE demonstration not only highlighted citizens’ frustration over the high costs of electricity, but also underlined the need for urgent dialogue between the federal government and electricity users.

The protesters emphasized that their fight will continue until their demands are met by the authorities, with the hope that their actions will be heard and that significant changes will be achieved in the country’s electrical system.

There are already municipal police and city hall staff at the scene, trying to negotiate with the protesters, waiting for one of the most important roads to enter the Mexican capital to be opened.

Source: Infobae