Aeroméxico BARGAIN flights in September; These are the best DISCOUNTS of the Blue Sale 2023 


If you are contemplating taking a trip for the next few days, weeks or even months, this is the ideal time to plan it, since in this month of September, Aeroméxico is selling national and international flights, as the Blue Sale 2023 is taking place, so don’t miss out on the best discounts. 

After the summer holidays, it is common for tourism to decrease and this is the time when airlines launch special promotions, and now in September 2023, Aeroméxico offers flights with the best discounts during its famous Blue Sale, so travelers can take advantage of booking with very low prices. 

It is important to note that to take advantage of the best discounts of the 2023 Blue Sale, this promotion is only valid until Monday, September 11. During these days, Aeroméxico sells flights with national and international destinations, although it must be remembered that rates usually increase in accordance with the collection of the Airport Fee (TUA), which is an amount that commercial airspaces charge to passengers for using their facilities. 

These are the best discounts from Aeroméxico’s 2023 Blue Sale 

During Aeroméxico’s 2023 Blue Sale, the best discounts range from domestic flights with a cost of 492 pesos without TUA included, while in international destinations you can get boarding from 3,181 pesos, plus the TUA. It is worth mentioning that the deadline to make the trips ranges from September 4 to March 13, 2024. 

Other excellent promotions during the 2023 Blue Sale are that with Aeroméxico Points, on selected routes there is up to 20% discount; Aeroméxico Points, at Aeroméxico Vacations up to 70% discount is granted; and seniors with an INAPAM Card can receive up to 15% discount. 

It should be noted that on the flights that Aeroméxico sells, there are conditions that must be paid close attention to, such as that the costs only include a personal item that must fit under seats in the cabin or carry-on luggage less than 10 Kg, and Discounts are for single use only and cannot be accumulated. So, if any other service is required, passengers will have to pay extra charges. 

  Source: Terra