45 Handy Coca-Cola Hacks That Make Household Chores A Snap


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Coca-Cola is a product that has been adored around the world. Besides being enjoyed as a refreshing drink, it can be used to help you clean, get rid of rust, and even maintain your garden, but there are many other uses for this classic soda. If you’re looking for some really cool and helpful ideas that will help you create your perfect coke experience, then read on. Find out what the popular soft drink is excellent for besides pairing with a burger and fries. Here we have shared 45 ingenious Coca-Cola hacks that will surely leave you bewildered and impressed. If you’re looking for a way to change up your routine with something fun, then this is the article for you. We hope these hacks will make your day a little more enjoyable. 

1. Fertilize Your Plants With Coca-Cola

Coca-Cola may be the secret to giving your plants an extra life. Some plants like azaleas and bergenias enjoy drinking this sugary, caramel-colored soft drink. These types of beverages are known for their acidity, helping with nutrient deficiencies in the soil. 


Adding just enough cola to these plants provides valuable nutrients like phosphorus. The sugar provides energy food sources for microorganisms living inside the earth’s dirt clumps. They increase organic matter levels, making them grow faster. 

2. Clean Your Toilet Bowl Easily

The internet is an amusing place, and it turns out Coca-Cola can clean your toilet. Who knew that this fizzy drink could be so helpful. This acidic beverage has loads of cleaning power. Pour some around, leave for ten minutes, and flush. 


Scrubbing is not necessary as the acidity will make any stains come right off with ease. You can also use coke to get rid of rust spots on household items like ironing boards or sinks. Just apply carefully so you don’t damage anything delicate. 

3. Use It To Tenderize Meat

Coca-Cola is the perfect ingredient for many recipes, especially when cooking meat. Its acidic properties will tenderize your food and give it an unforgettable flavor. It also works well as a marinade on dishes like steaks in BBQ sauce. 


This recipe is sure to beat store-bought marinades and sauces anytime. All you need are your pieces of meat and cans of Coca-Cola, which can be mixed in an airtight bag for two or three hours before cooking as usual.

4. Prepare A Barbecue Sauce

The perfect summer dish starts with Coca-Cola. A little soda can go a long way when it comes to making your favorite barbecue sauce. Merge all ingredients in a heavy saucepan over medium heat and bring just until the boiling point is reached.

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Simmer the sauce for 6 to 8 minutes until reduced by 1/4. Transfer it carefully into mason jars and let cool completely before refrigerating. You can enjoy this incredible flavor all year long without sacrificing quality. That’s our favorite kind of DIY project!

5. Coca-Cola Will Help To Neutralize Skunk Odor

It is said that Coca-Cola is all you need to get rid of the stench from an offended skunk’s spray. It seems a bit doubtful, but you’d better exhaust all options when trying to get rid of that horrible smell from your kid, dog, or property. 

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What you need to get rid of that skunk spray is just four bottles of Coca-Cola and one large bucket. Fill it up with a fizzy drink and then sponge whoever was sprayed off in a shower before rinsing clean; no more annoying odors at home. 

6. Remove Milk Stains From Your Clothes

It’s a well-known fact that Coca-Cola can remove pretty much any stain, but did you know it also works for eliminating milk? With a bit of help from this drink, you can get rid of that stubborn stain you got from eating cereal. 


To get started, just let your favorite drink soak the fabric for around five minutes, and then rinse off with water like you usually do. This process only takes about ten minutes total. Watch as the fabric comes back to life.

7. Coca-Cola Helps Loosen Rusty Bolts And Nuts

If you want to get a tight and rusted bolt loosened, all that’s needed is some coke. Pour some coke on it, and see what happens. The phosphoric acid in Coca-Cola will do wonders for getting those stubborn bolts loose.


Furthermore, place the can directly over your rusting screw, slowly unscrew until all sides are free from their tight grips. Then give them one more wipe (or pour) before attempting installation of new hardware again. No need to trek to the hardware store!

8. Bug Controller

Coca-Cola is an excellent way to control pesky bugs, but not for the reasons you might think. It turns out that this soft drink attracts ants in large numbers, which eat up any larvae or eggs pests may have on crops, and this means fewer pesticides. 


To keep bugs away from your food, pour a small cup of coke and set it out about half an hour before you start eating. By placing the drink away from where we sit at lunchtime, they’ll be drawn in that direction instead. 

9. Relieves A Jellyfish Sting

Jellyfish stings can be an absolute pain, especially if you’re trying to have a fun day at the beach. They don’t usually cause any significant medical issues unless it is a box jellyfish; they are really annoying and painful, though. 


It is said that Coca-Cola reduced the pain of an oral sting between 25% – 75%, so that’s one option if you require some relief. Vinegar is another option, but who wants vinegar in their bag on that hot sand?

10. Remove Gum From Hair

Coca-Cola is the ultimate lifesaver for removing gum from your hair. Since this soda contains phosphoric acid, it can neutralize the stickiness of the sticky stuff by soaking into your hair, after which you can remove it with no problem. 

Using Coca-Cola for Removing Bubble Gum in Hair | ThriftyFun

Coke has been known to break down hard candies, including bubblegum, because of its acidity level, making it an easy way to remove these pesky items from locks without using harsh chemicals like bleach. Move aside, peanut butter, we have a better solution.

11. Defrost Your Windshield With Coca-Cola

It’s a cold morning, and you wake up to find frost on your car windows. Luckily, Coca-Cola is an easy fix. Pour some of the canned beverage onto any part where ice has built up and it will work its magic.

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Stand back as this will melt thanks to its high acid content quickly. After around 10 minutes or so, remove all residue from within by wiping down with wet cloth towels until sparkling clean; voila! Clear glass for driving away in style.

12. Polish Your Coins

Use Coca-Cola as a cleaner by soaking tarnished coins in it for about ten minutes. It will get rid of the muck on your pennies. If you want an even quicker method, just put them into a cup with some coke overnight.


This helps loosens up grime without driving yourself completely crazy. Scrub away using just paper towels or an old toothbrush if necessary. You’ll be pleased with how shiny they come out clean again without too much effort on your part.

13. Fade Unwanted Hair Color With The Help Of Coca Cola

We’ve all been in that situation where our at-home hair dye job fell short of expectations. Coca-Cola is your savior. Pour Diet Coke over wet locks and leave for 5 minutes before rinsing off like normal. This method will work best on temporary dyes that were applied at home. 


This is because professionally applied ones are applied with strong chemicals, so this trick may not be affected at all. The citric acid found within the beverage allegedly has lightening properties; give this hack a go if you need some changes.

14. Remove Oil Stains

Another way to use Coca-Cola? Your new oil stain solver. Just pour it on and let the phosphoric acid do its work. So, no need for harsh chemicals or expensive detergents when you have a product as cheap, effective, and easy-going as this.


Soaking the stain in Coca-Cola will make it tough on those stubborn oils around your garage. Pour some room temperature coke over a stain and let soak overnight before hosing off. You’ll notice a difference when it’s done with this trick. 

15. Compost Invigorator Hack

A sluggish compost pile can be strengthened with a shot of Coca-Cola. The citric acid in the beverage will spur on the decomposition process and attract all those beautiful microorganisms that help turn organic material into the soil. Who knew?


The carbonation also helps speed up the process, so you’ll have beautifully formed signatures ready for planting by next season. You’ll never have to do any work at all; it’s an impressive way of turning dirt into incredible dry soil in no time.

16. Prepare A Coca-Cola Cake

Coca-cola is not just a delicious drink; it can also transform into an exquisite treat you love to eat. Countless recipes include it, and we think one in particular sounds extra tasty. We’ve got a sweet tooth craving just thinking about it.


Because of its unique flavors mixed in one delightful dessert dish, it will surely please any palate out there looking forward to something new. We prefer to ditch the frosting and just enjoy the chocolate and coke mixture, but that personal taste.

17. Clean Your Cooking Pans

You can remove rust from pans in a jiffy with Coca-Cola. It is also helpful in removing burnt-on messes in your kitchen, especially when you are having trouble getting it off of your stove top or other items like kettles.


Fill up the pot or pan with enough coke to cover the stain. Let it simmer on low heat while you scrub with a non-abrasive (silicone or similar) spatula. Once most of the stain is loosened up, you can wash the pot normally again.

18. You Can Get Rid Of Hiccups

It seems like everyone has their own particular way of curing the hiccups. But what crazy method works the best? You guessed it! When gargled with water and swished around in your mouth several times, Coca-Cola can help cure them. 

Roman Yanushevsky/Shutterstock

Though sometimes these cures are funny to watch, make sure they don’t turn into something worse than what they were before, like some of those electrical fails or DIY goofs we see on YouTube all day long. Do it right, and it will surely help.

19. Coca-Cola Helps To Keep The Lawn Green

Coca-Cola is a great way to keep your lawn green. Mixing the ingredients, you will get an odd but effective formula for nourishing and fertilizing grassroots. All it takes are two cans of cola or beer along with dishwashing soap.


In addition, one cup of each household ammonia and mouthwash, mix them well before pouring over newly planted grass. The soapy nature helps break down dead skin cells on top while promoting healthy growth below to ensure fresh greenery all year round. 

20. Clean Tile Grout

Coca-Cola not only cleans your house but can also be used in the bathroom to clean grout. It would be great if you didn’t have a little bit of help getting rid of those ugly clumps, right? This magical beverage does wonders for dirtiness. 


Just mix some coke with water and let the grout soak for a few minutes before wiping it away. Just be sure to test in an area first so that you don’t ruin something expensive if delicate features are involved, like patterning.

21. Polish Your Old Jewellery

If you have an old piece of jewelry, try pouring Coca-Cola over it. This will help remove the tarnish and give your item new life. You can use this technique on small items that don’t weigh too much or larger pieces like necklaces if needed.


Make sure not to submerge any gold in coke because those acids could damage their color significantly. For best results, leave these treatments for 10 minutes before rinsing off gently under warm water, then dry off with a clean cloth.

22. Make A Coca-Cola Fudge 

If you’re searching for a sugary treat that tastes like the real deal, then this recipe might be just what your taste buds are craving. Coca-Cola fans will love making their own fudge and having it as an after-dinner dessert or late-night snack.


The best part about this recipe? It simply takes 10 minutes from start to finish. You’ll need one bowl, combine the condensed milk with marshmallow cream until blended well; next, add chocolate chips by tossing gently at first before stirring continuously. 

23. Coca-Cola Help Relieves Constipation

If you’re looking for a home remedy for constipation, Coca-Cola might do the trick. The reason why many believe this remedy works is because of the caffeine present in this drink. However, there’s no scientific evidence behind this belief at all.

Leszek Glasner/Shutterstock

Caffeine can have a laxative effect. The amount of caffeine needed varies from person to person, so the effect might not be the same. Coca-Cola could work as a home treatment for constipation, but there is no research on this yet.

24. Unclog Garbage Disposal

Surprisingly, coke is a great way to get rid of clogged drains because the acidity will help break down any grime, but don’t count on it. Pour a generous amount down your garbage disposal and wait until all of that gunk bubbles away. 


You can also use boiling or hot water after a while to help break up any residue left behind from previous attempts at cleaning. Just remember, don’t pour directly onto the device itself since you want everything cleaned well without damaging any parts. 

25. Prepare Beans Not So Magical With Coke

The best method to reduce the amount of flatulence when you consume beans is by soaking them in water or Coca-Cola. This recipe only requires a few ingredients like beans, ketchup, dijon mustard, molasses, and bacon with onions and garlic. 

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Once cooking has been completed, allow the pressure cooker’s release valves to do their job for 10 minutes. Then, quickly release any remaining extra build-up before opening. And, boom! Your baked bean dish is all ready to eat with cornbread. 

26. Coca-Cola Relieve A Headache

The first thing that Coca-Cola was made for was to help people with headaches. Caffeine in Coca-Cola can help with headache pain by reducing inflammation and making other medicines work faster. But coke has sugar too, which is not suitable for health.


Therefore, if you want to use caffeine to reduce headache pain, make sure it has little or no sugar. Caffeine may help some people with headaches, but it might trigger migraines in those who have too much of it. 

27. Make Yummy Cherry Coke Cupcakes

Would you still like to costume Coca-Cola even though it can remove rust? Then, make cherry coke cupcakes. These delicious coke cupcakes are perfect for those who love the taste of coca-cola and want something different than their ordinary drink.


Made using deliciously sweet cherry-flavored soda in place of water or milk with buttery frosting on top. It will be hard not eating one after another until they’re all gone. These cupcakes taste good with a cold drink, too. Yummers all around. 

28. Great As Chrome Cleaner

We’ve heard some interesting things, but Coca-Cola being used to clean chrome? Put it together with aluminum foil and even rubbing alcohol or another type of cleanser; the drink removes rust much easier and more efficiently than any of us would think.


When your car needs a little TLC, try using some coke. If the bumpers or grill area has rust, dip some aluminum foil in it and rub until all rust is gone. Don’t worry about harsh chemicals with coke because it is gentle.

29. Remove Marker Stains With Coca-Cola

Are you looking for ways to remove stubborn pen marks or marker stains? Well, there’s no need for messy chemical solutions or expensive detergents. Mix some Coca-Cola and soapy water in equal parts, then apply the solution to the stain. 


Scrub away the stain with the mixture. The same goes for a permanent marker, too; soak up as much excess ink before applying soapy water over the area. You’ll be glad you had a bottle handy when times were tough. 

30. Add Coca-Cola To Sloppy Joe Mix

When you’re craving sloppy Joe’s, coke will liven up any dish. The addition of soda makes an extra unique flavor that your whole family will love. These are quick and easy dinner recipes that only take about 20 minutes from start to finish.


No one can resist these buns filled with tangy first-class flavors that will dance on your taste buds. Pile on some tasty toppings like mustard or ketchup for an extra delicious touch before diving into this fun meal idea tonight.

31. Clean Mold From Clothes With Coca-Cola

Putting Coca-Cola in your washing machine doesn’t sound like an excellent idea, but what if we told you that you could remove mold and mildew from clothing? It also does wonders with stains, grease, even scouring the groves after cleaning your clothes. 

Kori Livingston/The Spruce

In addition, pour some of that soda on top, or use a full can with regular laundry detergent to ensure the surface will be clean, and then make sure to rinse thoroughly. Scrubbing might be required with stubborn stains as well. 

32. Remove Stubborn Glue

Coca-Cola is a fantastic, all-purpose adhesive remover that can remove flooring or labels from bottles. It’s often the best way to get rid of stubborn glue drips without choosing more difficult methods like sandpaper and paint thinner, which also can damage your hands.


The soda can break down adhesive properties and save you money in the long run. Just 10 minutes of sitting before wiping with alcohol will do it, so even underwater bubbles evaporate away, leaving no residue behind. Keep a few bottles handy!

33. Plastic Bag Dispenser With Old Coke Bottle

This clever idea will help you save all those plastic bags efficiently. First, cut off the top of an old 2-liter coke bottle. Then make any sharp edges even more smooth, so it doesn’t tear when you take them out.


Screw on as many of these DIY plastic bag holders as desired, where they’ll hang around kitchen cabinet doors or closet walls if needed, or attach hook & loop tape. Make sure it’s sturdy enough not to break during everyday use. 

34. Turn Coca-Cola Can Into Solar Water Heater

You may not know it, but Coca-Cola cans have a lot more to offer than just being recyclable. You can use the metal from your discarded aluminum coke cans to create an environmentally friendly solar hot tub. We are totally serious!


Additionally, paint the outside of the cans with black paint. Cut two lines on one side and three on the other. Put a metal sheet in a sunny place, fill both cans with water, and wait until it is hot.

35. Glaze A Ham With Coca-Cola

Did you know ham tastes better when it is paired with Coca-Cola? The pairing of these two seems to work best for many chefs and foodies alike, who say that if something tastes good, you should use it in your cooking endeavors.


Many innovative chefs have used traditional old Coca-Cola for various recipes, including chicken wings or chocolate cake. It seems to go great with pork, though, especially as a glaze on baked ham pieces. We’ve all had honey glazed ham, so we know this would be amazing.

36. Eliminate Stains From China

Coca-Cola is an excellent cleaner for china cups, plates, and sinks, as it can be used to remove peasky hard-to-remove stains. To do so, simply mix equal parts of soda water (1:10 ratio) with lemon juice, making a paste-like consistency.


In addition, apply that mixture onto your surface by hand or sponge, let it sit 5 minutes before rinsing off thoroughly. Although this technique may take slightly longer than others, this will always leave dishes and surfaces bright as new. 

37. Paint Remover Coca-Cola Hack

As we’veshown you, Coca-Cola is the miracle cleaner of all time. It eats away rust, paint stains, and even old bicycle chains. Soak a towel in coke, then gently rub or scrape off any unwanted coating until it’s gone with soap water. 


A little goes a long way; ensure that every section gets covered for best results. A nice thing about this remedy? It can be used on anything from metal tools like scissors to furniture too. So, no more ugly stains.

38. A Deep Tan Danger

Many people have talked about using Coca-Cola to create a fake tan. Although these claims say that this works, it actually provides absolutely zero protection from the sun’s rays and is never recommended by dermatologists for use on your skin. 


This started in 2006 when an Australian entertainer, Peter Andre, said that he covered himself in Coca-Cola before sunbathing. Ingredients like citric acid and lime juice can be harmful to your skin. You are more sensitive to sunlight if you do this.

39. Sore Throat Healer

You might have heard that Coca-Cola can be used to help a sore throat. Some people (usually grandparents) mix it with lemon and ginger for even better results. However, it is not good to drink soda when you are sick. 

Roman Voloshyn/Shutterstock

Because it might dehydrate you. Though grandmas usually know what they are talking about, so if you want to try this remedy, make sure to drink some water along with it so that your body will stay hydrated and you can heal.

40. Use Empty Coke Bottle To Hold Tool

Keep your favorite tools close at hand with this clever storage idea. Cut a clear 2-liter plastic soft drink bottle more or less in half, depending on how tall you want your storage container. Leave a flap so you can hang it on the wall. You can stack short metal bits or chisels on one side.


Use smaller bottles that can be found around your house for smaller items like wrenches or screwdrivers if necessary. These everyday household items will easily fit into this storage space without taking up too much room. Use this hack for any other storage needs too!

41. Body Lotion Coca Cola Hack

This is not a bad idea, but we’re a bit skeptacle. Who would have thought that Coca-Cola could make you smoother and shinier? Some people say that adding the fizz into your regular lotion will give them an incomparable sheen for smooth skin.


However, we think lotion will make our skin smooth. Coke will make the skin stickier. We are not bold enough to try this, but other people say it works. Some people even say it is a great tanning lotion too. We covered that, though.

42. Make A Battery With Coca Cola 

It’s not the ingredients that go into a can of Coca-Cola that make it a decent battery, but what holds it. Like a penny that you just washed in coke, wire wool, and crocodile clips, get some money. Make sure you have tools to make the battery.


This is a fun science project. You can make an actual, working battery out of coke. The fact that the soda can become a 0.6 volts power battery means that people should be careful about putting this stuff into their bodies.

43. Clean Eyeglasses With Coke

If you have glasses that are always dirty, cleaning them with Coca-Cola might help. Just grab a lens cloth and wipe them down with this drink before wiping off any dirt/smeary residue afterward to avoid leaving behind more than necessary.


The acid of that delicious beverage will not only wash away any dirt or smudges on its surface but also pick up all those pesky particles stuck deep within each lens. No matter how dirty it might have gotten, this can help. 

44. Curly Hair Hack

Textured hair is blessed with lots of tightly coiled curls, but if you have silky straightened strands or want some texture to make a beautiful ponytail or updo that won’t get loose too soon, then this bizarre beauty hack might be perfect. 


This cola rinse turns your hair into beach curls. This is different from sea salt spray or texturizing gel because it will change the texture of your hair. Your hair will look like you had a good time at the beach.

45. Sepia Photo Finishing

Have you ever seen old photographs, especially photos with that sepia tone? These are usually made by using the ancient technique called Daguerre. The daguerreotype process is susceptible to humidity. However, Coca-Cola might be the perfect solution for your vintage photo needs. 


You can give it an aged, professional look with just one dip. The caramel flavor will bring out the natural tones in black and white images, giving them new life and making all those sepia family pictures look stylistic again. 

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