Mexico may not use the “Formula 1”: The FIA is prohibited from using the brand 


Mexico could be left without Formula 1 or the acronym F1 for the Grand Prix that will take place on October 29 at the Hermanos Rodríguez Autodrome. 

The reason? The Supreme Court of Justice of the Nation (SCJN) confirmed that the terms “Formula 1” and “F1” are the property of Bardahl, a leading company in lubricating oils and additives in Mexico, which registered them with the Mexican Institute of Industrial Property ( IMPI) more than 40 years ago, in 1979. 

In this way, Formula ONE Licensing, B.V., the Dutch company responsible for the promotion of the FIA Formula 1 World Championship, must resort to another type of nomenclature for the Mexican Grand Prix from this 2023, since If you promote the event with the words “Formula 1” or “F1” you would be subject to a heavy penalty. 

The lawyer for the firm De la Torre, Rodríguez & Salazar, Óscar de la Torre Jara, who has been handling the case since 2015, said that although Formula One Licensing, B.V. has greater international relevance than Bardahl, the FIA will no longer be able to use the brand in Mexico after the resolution. 

However, there is an encouraging picture… that the FIA will negotiate with Bardahl to make an exception: “I am sure that the managers of the company will sit down and listen to proposals. So, let’s not rule out that they can use the licensed brand in the future, of course, if they pay,” said Óscar de la Torre Jara in an interview for ESTO. 

Source: TUDN