Will Paul McCartney give concerts in Mexico? Ocesa launches a mysterious message 


Music legend Paul McCartney has hinted at a possible return to Mexico in 2023, sending ripples of excitement through his Mexican fans. The former Beatle, whose career spans more than six decades and has left an indelible impression on music history, is possibly ready to announce his return to Aztec lands, and this time Ocesa acts as his accomplice. 

The social networks of the company organizing massive events, shared a mysterious message on social networks, which is made up of a video of just a few seconds in length that has the writing “You Pulled Me Out of Time”. 

The letters are presented in a generous font, in white, and against a background of various clouds in a blue sky. The sound is also mysterious. It’s white noise like a radio failing to pick up the signal, until briefly a singing voice is heard for two seconds: Sir Paul McCartney’s none other than. 

The publication made on networks by Ocesa is accompanied by a link. And when entering it, what is found is a record and the legend: “THE LASER LIGHTS ARE PRETTY”. 

The anticipation has skyrocketed since the rumors surfaced. Social networks were filled with fans expressing their excitement and hope that this comeback will become a reality. Given that McCartney has always spoken fondly of his relationship with Mexico and how previous concerts in the country have been some of the most memorable of his career, this visit is likely on his agenda. 

Details on dates, venues and ticket sales are still pending, but if one thing is certain, it is that Sir Paul McCartney’s return to Mexico will be a historic event that will resonate in the hearts of many. Tickets are expected to sell out quickly, given the artist’s immense popularity and the palpable excitement among his Mexican fans. 

This announcement has generated excitement not only among McCartney fans, but also among music lovers in general. Without a doubt, Mexico is preparing to welcome one of the most beloved and respected musicians in the world, in what promises to be another unforgettable chapter in his relationship with the country. We look forward to more details and official confirmation of the dates! 

   Source: Infobae