Lopez Obrador justifies hiring a Venezuelan former Chavista official for the Public Education Secretariat


President López Obrador described as “conservatism politicking” the criticism received for the hiring of Sady Loaiza, who worked in the government of Nicolás Maduro, president of Venezuela.

He questioned that the opposition “stigmatizes a people”, because “it is someone else’s pity. Now a professional or two who were in Venezuela and who are working in the SEP, it’s a scandal.”

In this sense, he defended the experience of the new official, as well as the incorporation of readings by politicians and philosophers such as Lenin and Marx, and compared the controversy to the one that arose when he hired Cuban doctors.

“It’s the same as (when they say) ‘we’re going to go back to Venezuela, we’re going to go back to Cuba.’ (…) So we are indoctrinating ”, she mocked herself.

This Wednesday, the PAN rejected the hiring of Loaiza, since “the contents of the SEP books cannot and should not be in the hands of an ideologue and populist who collaborates with Nicolás Maduro.”

Source: Excelsior

The Mexico City Post