7 Magical Towns, less than 3 hours from CDMX to take the children


Our country currently has 132 Magical Towns. There is something for all tastes: those with beautiful landscapes, monuments, cultural heritage, archaeological ruins, beaches, nature, and endless attractions. On this occasion, at Unotv.com, they present you Magical Towns where you can have fun with the children, the best: they are less than three hours from CDMX.

Remember that if you plan to visit these Magical Towns, less than three hours from CDMX, choose those that are less crowded and preferably do outdoor activities; do not forget to wear the mask, constantly wash your hands or use antibacterial gel, and always keep a healthy distance. Remember: if you follow the rules established by the federal Health authorities, you will avoid contagion by COVID-19.

Amealco: Forest, Cabins and Adventure

This place is one of the Magic Towns that is located less than three hours from CDMX; located south of Querétaro, it is characterized by its streams, its artisan workshops, and for being the cradle of the famous Lele rag doll. It has interesting attractions for children, such as wooden cabins in the middle of the forest, from where you can watch the white-tailed deer and go on walks to feed the rabbits, chickens and deer, this in Rancho Calixto. You cannot miss the walk through the famous red dunes, also known as the Amealco Dunes.

10 minutes from the center of Amealco is the Cerro de Los Gallos Park, located between a forest, and a field of mirasoles “sunflowers”, you can go by bike or on foot; there are also zip lines and hanging bridges. Some visitors choose to go bird watching or camping in the woods, even making roasted carnitas. In the community of Tenasdá, 12 minutes from Amealco, you can camp, hike, and tour the forest on an ATV and also swim through its pools of water.

El Oro: mines and dams

Another of the Magic Towns is El Oro, in the State of Mexico, two and a half hours from CDMX, a typical mining site, surrounded by pine and cedar forests, very close to the Monarch Butterfly sanctuary. You will love its cobbled streets and its European flair. For children we recommend El Mongote, an ecotourism park where they can enjoy a 200-meter round-trip zip-line; You can walk on a suspension bridge, see a waterfall, and even take a dip in its waters. The most intrepid will be able to practice rappelling.

Similarly, you can visit the El Oro Mining Museum, the La Providencia mine mouth, and the San Juan sinkhole. Also nearby are the Brockman and Victoria Dams. Immerse yourself in a pleasant natural lake where you will spend moments of peace and relaxation; you can board a pedal boat and take multiple pictures, camping, picnicking, renting a cabin, hiking, horseback riding, and even mountain bike trips. The mining express wagon will also be fun for the whole family to eat.

Tonatico: ancient caves

Undoubtedly the main attraction of Tonatico, less than two hours from CDMX, is this wonder of nature known as the Grutas de la Estrella, whose existence dates back at least 500 years. The caves were formed from the runoff of water through the rock fissures, depositing mineral salts and calcium bicarbonate, there are hundreds of steps to descend, which have paths, stairs, and a lighting system. You can go inside the hill and even swim in the mysterious El zapope river.

In Tonatico you can go hiking in its ecotourism park, and at La Piedra ranch you can relax in a spa. For the little ones the municipal spa will be a lot of fun, for the older ones there are the hot springs.

In the same way, you can visit a waterfall in the Parque del Sol; This waterfall is also known as the Salto de Tzumpantitlán, the best season to admire it is in this rainy season. Tonatico is part of the Magic Towns located less than three hours from CDMX.

Ixtapan de la Sal: spas and waterfalls

In this place in the State of Mexico, two hours from the CDMX, you will find spas not only to have fun but also so that together with the children you can relax and even see it as a curative option. The best-known spa in Ixtapan de la Sal Water Park, where children will have a blast finding the slides and other water attractions, but you can also have a good time because it has hot springs. For the little ones, there are zip lines, playgrounds, and water games for every age. Also very close there are options for horseback riding, spa sites, massages, and places for meditation, as well as practicing sports such as rappelling, climbing, among others. Ixtapan de la Sal is another of the Magic Towns very close to CDMX.

Mineral del Chico, Hidalgo: ecotourism and view of the sky

This town nestled in the so-called Hidalgo Mountain Corridor is two hours from the CDMX, it is considered an ideal place for adventure and nature tourism; Its visitors can enjoy landscapes, mountains, valleys, and dams where they can practice cycling, fishing, hiking, rappelling, zip lines and a forest of pines and oyameles that more than four centuries ago were faithful companions of mining, an activity that today only remained in memory.

You can still visit some mines such as those of San Antonio and La Guadalupe, which are preserved as part of this mining legacy and which you can visit on guided tours, which will delight your younger companions.

Magical Towns to take the children

Do not forget that the El Chico National Park is located in the area. During that visit you cannot miss one of the most emblematic sites: the Peña del Cuervo Viewpoint, from the top of this mountain you will enjoy an impressive view of the entire place.

At the top of the viewpoint at La Peña del Cuervo, you can climb a stone staircase that is easy to climb; above, it is made up of a circular concrete slab with a wire railing, from which visitors will gasp as they contemplate the numerous rock formations in the park and the entire landscape. Mineral del Chico is also part of the Magic Towns near CDMX.

Tequisquiapan: water parks and opal

Two and a half hours from CDMX you will find Tequisquiapan, Querétaro, an ideal destination to have a great time with the family and that has several options for children. First of all, good weather, colorful streets, pools and hot springs.

Mainly the so-called water park corridor will delight infants, but it also has a balloon ride for which you will have to get up very early, but you will enjoy a great view of Tequisquiapan, the Peña de Bernal and the vineyards that are around, some have children’s tours. You can also visit La Pila Recreational Park, where you will find tranquility among ahuehuetes and sabinos and various activities for children. An attraction that is very popular is the visit to the opal mines, where you will live incarnate the miner’s trade and find some precious stones. Tequisquipan is another of the Magic Towns near CDMX.

Villa del Carbón: ecotourism destination

Another destination that is two hours from the CDMX and that combines the charm of the province, ecotourism, and wooded vegetation: we refer to Villa del Carbón, in the State of Mexico. The site not only has boutique hotels, but also a vacation center where you can enjoy pools and temazcal.

Children will surely be fascinated by the Presa del Llano ecotourism park, which stands out for its system of rivers that feed the dam; Here you could take boat rides, contemplate nature, go horseback riding, walking trails, camp, or enjoy the adrenaline rush of a zip line 60 meters high.

A few minutes away you can also visit the Taxhimay dam, where you will find the charms of country life, visiting a farm; In addition, at the dam, you can take yacht tours and rent an aquabike or kayak, as well as horseback riding or cycling.

Source: unotv.com

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