Only 10,000 to 40,000 pesos will be offered to relatives of the deceased on line 12 of the CDMX metro accident


Only 10 thousand pesos will correspond to the injured

The relatives of those who died in the tragedy of the collapse of Line 12 of the Mexico City metro will receive only 40 thousand pesos in compensationthe people who were injured will only get 10,000 pesos as payment for the damages.

Funeral de José Juan Galindo, quien murió cuando el vagón de la Línea 12 cayó sobre su automóvil, en la alcaldía Tláhuac, el 6 de mayo de 2021.

The Mexican politician and economist, Mario Alberto di Constanzo, shared on his Twitter account that according to article 1915 of the DF Civil Code it is established by law that the amount should at least be 5 million pesos.

When the damage is caused to people and causes death, permanent total disability, permanent partial, temporary total or temporary partial, the degree of repair will be determined according to the provisions of the Federal Labor Law. To calculate the corresponding compensation, the quadruple of the highest daily minimum wage in force in the Federal District will be taken as a basis and will be extended to the number of days that, for each of the aforementioned disabilities, the Federal Labor Law indicates. In the event of death, compensation will correspond to the victim’s heirs.

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For its part, the government of Mexico City reported that this news, which was also replicated by the newspaper El Reforma, is true, however, it is an initial support and is not definitive; that is, yes they will be given more money. The amount may reach 650 thousand pesos and part of the compensation will be covered by the insurance policy contracted by the Metro Collective Transportation System.

“We are not going to leave them alone, we are not going to leave them helpless, they will be given all the support they require,” Claudia Sheinbaum said through her videoconference.

Dónde ver lista de hospitalizados por accidente en Metro CDMX

Users on social networks have demonstrated against the head of government of the CDMX, since her monthly income amounts to 111 thousand 178 pesos for exercising her position. So far there are 26 deaths in the tragedy and another 33 are hospitalized, 12 of them serious, 20 delicate and one stable.