Foreign girl admits to being looking for a rich Mexican boyfriend (VIDEO)


Foreigner walks through Polanco shops to find a rich boyfriend; “I’m going to raise my standards”

The young woman also received a lot of criticism demanding that she get to work.

Many Mexican men and women dream of finding love with someone from another country, but foreign people are looking to find a Mexican partner. This is the case of a young woman who went viral for sharing a video in which she agreed to be looking for a boyfriend, although she had a small condition.

The woman named Lillian uploaded a video to her TikTok account showing herself walking through the streets of Polanco, in Mexico City, one of the most exclusive and expensive areas of Mexico. All this to find her new millionaire boyfriend.

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After almost 200 thousand views on TikTok, the young woman accepted that although she was looking for a boyfriend with those characteristics, she could not even pronounce the names of the luxury brands that abound in that area.

“I’m here in Polanco looking for my next boyfriend. Someone get me out of this skirt with sneakers and put me in Gucci. I don’t deserve to be here when none of the brands around me are pronounced,” she said.

Lillian accepted that many of her friends have told her that she should stop dating older people, although she said that this time she was looking for “gray-haired people” to raise her standards.

“There must be at least one around here who suits us for a dress here; people say I have to stop dating mature men, but you know what, I’m going to raise my standards,” she continued.

Finally, Lillian, after recording for a long time, gave up when she saw that she could not find a single man available for her.

“There are some handsome guys in suits; I’m not dressed properly for this, but I think they all already have girlfriends. Several are looking at me, it could be because I’m recording. I’m going to give up now, I don’t think I’m going to find my next boyfriend today”, she concluded.

This gave rise to a series of comments from users who began to criticize her for wanting to be supported and not working to earn or buy her own things.

Source: Milenio

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