Mexico’s Incoming President Names Experts to Key Cabinet Positions


Mexico’s incoming President Claudia Sheinbaum announced five new cabinet members on Thursday, including Luz Elena González as the next Secretary of Energy. González, an expert in sustainable development, brings a wealth of experience in renewable energy and financial management.

As Secretary of Energy, González will play a crucial role in managing state-run companies such as Pemex and the Federal Electricity Commission. Her background in handling finances will serve her well in this capacity. Prior to her appointment, González was responsible for overseeing Mexico City’s finances.

Sheinbaum also appointed Raquel Buenrostro as Secretary of Public Administration. With over 28 years of experience in public administration, Buenrostro is described by the future president as an “incorruptible woman.” Her extensive background in government agencies, including tax, treasury, and economic departments, makes her a strong candidate for this role.

Additionally, David Kershenobich, a renowned researcher, will serve as Secretary of Health. Jesús Antonio Esteva Medina, currently the Secretary of Infrastructure for Mexico City, will take on the role of Secretary of Communications and Transportation.

These appointments signal Sheinbaum’s commitment to assembling a cabinet comprised of experts in their respective fields. As President-elect, Sheinbaum has demonstrated her focus on sustainability and transparency, and these appointments are expected to support her goals.

Source: AP