Biden Administration Sent Cartels ‘Signal’ to Help Win Elections: Texas AG


In an interview with Fox News, Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton accused the Biden administration of sending a “signal” to Mexican drug cartels on day one of President Joe Biden’s presidency. According to Paxton, the administration announced that it would no longer deport illegal aliens, effectively giving cartels permission to bring people across the border without fear of deportation.

Paxton claims that this announcement allowed cartels to profit from bringing people into the United States and that these migrants will eventually vote in elections, posing a threat to democracy. However, experts have disputed Paxton’s claims about cartel involvement in U.S. elections and illegal voting.

The Brennan Center for Justice and the Cato Institute have found that illegal voting is extremely rare, making up only 0.0001% of votes cast. The Cato Institute has also conducted a study finding no evidence that non-citizens voted illegally in large enough numbers to impact election outcomes.

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Source: News Week