Tupperware shutting down last US plant, moving production to Mexico


Tupperware Brands is closing its final manufacturing facility in the United States, leading to job losses for over 100 employees as it relocates operations to Mexico.

The company, known for its food storage products, announced last week through a WARN Notice its intention to permanently shut down its Hemingway, South Carolina plant, affecting 148 workers.

The layoffs are scheduled to commence in September, with the plant’s complete shutdown anticipated by January 2025.

In a statement, Tupperware disclosed that the Hemingway facility was sold last year and that it intends to move its operations to Lerma, Mexico. The company also noted that the majority of its products sold in the US and Canada are already manufactured at this Mexican plant.

Tupperware emphasized that this decision does not reflect on the Hemingway team’s performance. The company expressed gratitude for their team members’ dedication and years of service.

Furthermore, Tupperware stated that employees eligible for severance will receive compensation packages and early retirement options. They will also have the chance to explore new job opportunities at an upcoming job fair.

Source: FOX Business