VIDEO: “They Shouldn’t Exist” – Young Woman Expresses Frustration About Tipping Waitstaff


The opinion of the young woman sparked a debate on social media, with some expressing support and others opposing tipping practices.

Tipping in Mexico has become a customary practice for most people. However, a young woman recently voiced her frustration about the “obligation” to give extra money to waitstaff and restaurant employees.

She shared her opinion on TikTok, asserting that tipping should not exist.

“Tips shouldn’t exist… Everywhere and for everything, they ask for tips. I put gas in my car—add a tip of a thousand pesos. Manicure—add a tip of 300 pesos. Haircut—add a tip of 3,000 pesos… The other day, I ordered a coffee, got it from the counter, and took it with me,” she expressed on her account @valeria.santisteban.

The young woman recounted an incident at a café where she was offered a tip even though she ordered a drink to go, which she found excessive.

“Hey, you didn’t serve me at my table. It’s not like you cleaned up after me. You didn’t do anything beyond selling me a coffee, so why the tip?”

Valeria explained that her issue lies in the lack of transparency regarding the total amount to be paid before settling the bill. She stated that she would willingly give extra if the employees’ work was not adequately compensated.

“I don’t see why I should give you more. And if the person’s job is poorly paid, I’d be willing to pay a clearer price. If they told me it’s 400 pesos instead of 350 from the start, I’d be fine with that. But why should there be this variable for a service I’m already paying for?” she declared.

Additionally, Valeria compared Mexico to Europe, noting that tipping is nonexistent there. However, she acknowledged that European waitstaff may not always provide excellent service.

“In restaurants, sometimes there are waiters who go above and beyond with their service. But I’m not sure if that’s the only way things should work. In Europe, tipping isn’t common. However, if they provide terrible service, maybe I’m missing something, and I don’t see why tipping should exist. But I don’t think I’m the only one who thinks this way.”

What did users say about tipping?

Valeria’s video went viral on TikTok, amassing over 540,000 views and more than 2,000 comments. Users expressed varying opinions on the topic.

Some opposed tipping employees, while others criticized the young woman for not wanting to give extra as a token of appreciation for the staff’s work.

“Speaking so confidently and ignorantly while living in privilege.” “Doctors and teachers don’t receive tips, so why should we tip in other jobs?” “I disagree. If you’re going out and can’t afford the tip, maybe you shouldn’t go out.” “I actually like giving tips. Trust me, I won’t go broke giving 10% or 15%! Haha. But hey, everyone gives what they can! And I’m not talking about money.” These were some of the reactions.


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