Foreigner Criticizes Gentrification in Mexico City


On social media, the alleged gentrification that Mexico City is undergoing by foreigners has been exposed, causing some locals and internet users to express their discontent with the presence of Americans on the main streets of the country’s capital.

After a video went viral showing a woman, identified as Breanna Claye, who lashed out against the sound of a street organ grinder working in the streets of Mexico City, several citizens on social media showed their opposition to her.

Following the viral video where the woman is seen opposing the street artist, thousands of internet users turned against her, which allegedly led to her dismissal from the modeling agency she belonged to, resulting in continued attacks against her.

However, internet users showed that not all foreigners are considered “enemies of Mexico,” after a video went viral showing a foreign person of Asian descent attacking the actions of nomads arriving in Mexico City; the man emphasized the consequences that could arise if the situation continues.

The man stated that gentrification represents a huge problem for the capital, as several Americans and people from other countries arrive, causing an increase in the price of basic products in neighborhoods like Roma and Condesa. Moreover, the foreigner was seen walking the streets of Roma while exposing how the arrival of his compatriots can affect the lives of Mexicans.

Additionally, the foreigner pointed out that the consumption actions of Americans present a problem that Mexicans constantly must deal with due to the resulting price hikes. He also indicated that, although Polanco may show a great influence from other countries, xenophobia continues to be prevalent among the local people and residents living in the area.

“Gentrification is a big problem in Mexico, the price of rents, products, and objects consumed daily represent a problem for Mexicans,” he expressed. Despite his stance against gentrification, several internet users let him know that he would also be contributing to this act by being a foreigner, to which he replied that he was in Mexico City as a tourist for a week, and that he was not staying for work, but to get to know the city.

Furthermore, the influencer shared his visits to various city shops, while responding to questions from his viewers about his perception of Mexico.

Source: Infobae