President López Obrador accused that ‘everything that is to my detriment’ is magnified by his opponents


The President, Andrés Manuel López Obrador, lamented the death of a child who allegedly received at least three point-blank shots from a man attempting to kidnap him outside his home in Paraíso, Tabasco. While expressing solidarity with the affected family, he condemned the act of violence as “very regrettable.” However, he also clarified media reports that suggested the child tried to help his mother to avoid being kidnapped.

The child, identified as Emiliano, was reportedly shot while resisting the kidnapping attempt. Witnesses and family members confirmed that the mother and grandmother were not at home, although they had apparently tried to get him into a vehicle parked outside the house.

The incident sparked a wave of sympathy and outrage, as videos captured the child screaming, “I don’t want to die.”

Regarding violence, President López Obrador accused his opponents of magnifying incidents during the electoral season. He emphasized that anything detrimental to him is amplified, and corrupt individuals are particularly upset. He noted the shift from silence to vocal criticism and urged understanding of this context.

Source: Infobae