Mexico City, Baja California Sur, and Coahuila are the most competitive states Economy


The State Competitiveness Index from IMCO indicates that all 32 entities improved in: mobile telephony, internet access, point of sale terminals, mobile banking, savings, and air passenger flow.

Mexico City, Baja California Sur, Coahuila, and Nuevo León are the states leading the State Competitiveness Index 2024 (ICE).

Compared to the ICE of 2023, the Mexican capital, Baja California, and Coahuila remained in the first, second, and third positions, respectively, while Nuevo León moved up one place.

This evaluation, carried out by the Mexican Institute for Competitiveness (IMCO) for 18 years, consists of 50 indicators that are evaluated for each entity and grouped into six sub-indices: innovation and technology; infrastructure; labor market; society and environment; law, and political system and governments.

In 2024, with data at the end of 2023, 14 entities improved, on the contrary, three regressed, and eight had no changes.

Overall, “the data reflect that the effect of the pandemic has dissipated and highlights challenges for the design of public policies,” the document emphasized.

On average, the 32 entities improved in six of the eight indicators; mobile telephony, internet access, point of sale terminals, use of mobile banking, savings capture, and air passenger flow.

In contrast, consequences became evident in the society and environment sub-index, because the average of the 32 federal entities worsened in five of its nine indicators: treated wastewater flow, morbidity due to respiratory diseases, educational coverage, infant mortality, and medical and nursing staff.

What are the least competitive states in Mexico? At the other end, Oaxaca was the entity that remained in the last place in the ranking, just like last year’s edition. Guerrero dropped one position to 31st place, Chiapas moved up one position to 30th, and Michoacán fell six positions to 29th.

Source: Expansion