“Let’s put ketchup on your tacos” Italian Chef asks Mexicans not to ask for ketchup when they go to his pizzeria in CDMX


Italian chef David E. Owner, known as Padovano on social media, who shares videos showing him preparing one of Italy’s delicious dishes: pizzas.

However, in a recent video shared through his TikTok account (@padovano_mx), he expresses his annoyance at the taste of some people enjoying a pizza with ketchup.

“Let’s put ketchup on your tacos,” reads the description of his video

In the shared video, chef Padovano is seen putting ketchup on a taco before turning to the camera and saying: “Does it hurt? That’s what I do when someone asks me for ketchup on their pizza,” he said.

As he claims that ketchup doesn’t go well with tacos, neither does it with pizza, so he asked: “Please, don’t ask me for it next time you come,” the man says.

After the video was posted, social media users expressed their opinions, saying that everyone can eat their pizza as they like.

“I pay, if I want to put jam on my pizza,” “Egg tacos with tomato sauce,” “Finally someone who puts ketchup outside their tacos, I’m not alone,” “PD doesn’t hurt or bother me, in Mexico everyone eats what they like, so there are many versions of each dish, kisses,” “It’s because here in Mexico trying a pizza without ketchup is like eating tacos without salsa,” some comments read.

Source: Chilangadas