Fines of up to 2 million pesos for businesses charging commission on card payments


Deputies approve to prohibit and fine those who charge commission on card payments

The Chamber of Deputies approved an initiative that seeks to prohibit businesses from charging commissions or ‘extra amounts’ to customers who pay with credit and debit cards.

The initiative establishes that those who do not comply with this provision will be sanctioned with fines ranging from 701.15 pesos to 2.24 million pesos.

“When a consumer intends to pay with a credit or debit card, the business demands an additional 3 to 5 percent on top of the cost of the service or product, because they indirectly pass on the payment they make to the provider company for the use of sales terminals,” said PAN deputy René Figueroa.

The initiative, presented by deputies from Morena and PT, was introduced as “fundamental” to alleviate the economic burden of Mexican families.

PT deputy Maribel Martínez highlighted that both Condusef and Profeco have called on consumers to report these improper charges.

“It has clearly been insufficient, either because they represent a waste of time for people, but also because the procedures and complaints to banks, to Condusef and Profeco tend to be cumbersome, complicated, and plagued with unbearable bureaucracy,” she added.

The initiative received 446 votes in favor, zero against, and zero abstentions; it will be turned over to the Senate for discussion and possible approval.

Source: Expansion