Buenos Díaz: A Thematic Journey to Porfirio Díaz’s Era


Buenos Díaz, located in the Cuauhtémoc borough, is a sophisticated boutique restaurant that draws inspiration from the Porfiriato era. Situated within the iconic Hotel Geneve, which opened its doors in 1907, Buenos Díaz revolutionized the hospitality industry in Mexico by introducing concepts of luxury and comfort. The hotel offered services such as taxis, operator assistance, dry cleaning, elevators, tennis courts, hair salons, telephones, and private bathrooms in each room, even including a travel agency.

When you step into Buenos Díaz, you’ll be transported back to the Porfiriato period. The elegant European architecture, antique furnishings, and an old telephone where you can hear the voice of the former president evoke the early 20th century. The ambiance reflects the lifestyle of Mexico’s high society during that time.

But what other connection does this place have with Porfirio Díaz? It’s said that Díaz frequented the hotel because his favorite restaurant, the Palm Garden, was located there. According to historian Pablo Serrano Álvarez, Díaz was having breakfast at the Palm Garden when he was notified of the outbreak of the Revolution.

The Hotel Geneve and the Buenos Díaz restaurant are situated in the heart of the Zona Rosa in Mexico City, at Londres 130, Colonia Juárez, Cuauhtémoc. Buenos Díaz opens from 7:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m.

The beautiful French-style facade of Buenos Díaz is adorned with a vertical garden and planters. As you enter, you’ll see waitstaff dressed as organ grinders, paying homage to the time when Porfirio Díaz introduced this musical instrument to help those in need.

The interior is inspired by “Mexico of yesteryear” and celebrates our country’s joy for good food. The unique concept combines a casual, relaxed, and even playful atmosphere. Colorful stained glass, antique wooden tables and chairs, wooden-covered columns, memorabilia like coins, newspapers, photographs, and witty phrases decorate the space.

Individual paper placemats evoke the pages of a periodical, featuring contributions made by the Porfirio Díaz government. Another curious detail is that your bill arrives in a type of typewriter.

Additionally, there’s a replica of the presidential chair and a large portrait of the Oaxacan politician and military leader. It’s undoubtedly an incredible spot for photography.

Buenos Díaz’s menu primarily serves traditional Mexican breakfasts, but there are also some “international” options. You can enjoy chilaquiles, guacamole, Oaxacan tamales or sweet tamales (strawberry or hazelnut), enfrijoladas, sopes with chorizo or chicharrón, eggs cooked to your liking, fruit, molletes, artisanal sweet bread, soups and broths, milanesa, chicken breasts, carnitas, empanadas, a variety of tacos, sandwiches, tortas, and French toast.

For dessert, they offer rice pudding, crepas bandera (with the colors of Mexico), flan, and ice cream. To drink, choose from horchata, hibiscus tea, lemonades, orangeades, beer, natural juices, soft drinks, and various types of coffee.

Contact Information:

  • Website: buenosdiaz.mx
  • Facebook: Buenos DÍAZ cafetería
  • Phone: (55) 7902 7750

Source: El Universal