“Cubans go viral for expressing whether they would like to be part of Mexico’s territory; this is what they answered.


Content creator Ian Narváez took to the streets of Havana to ask people if they like the idea of Cuba becoming part of Mexico.

The friendship between Mexico and Cuba has been a constant throughout history, marked by cultural, political, and social ties that have strengthened the bonds between the two countries.

This relationship dates back centuries and has withstood the test of time, even amidst political changes and international circumstances. One of the most notable aspects of this friendship is the cultural exchange.

Mexico and Cuba share a rich cultural heritage, evident in music, film, literature, and visual arts. However, recently, TikToker Ian Narvaez went out on the streets of Havana to ask people if they would like Cuba to become a state of Mexico.

‘Well, if it were for improvement, then yes’

‘Mexico is a very beautiful country, it has many positive things, its culture, its music, the food is all magnificent’

 ‘Of course, there are many politicians who are dictators and that doesn’t exist there’

 ‘Mexico is a capitalist country and I like that, it would be better’

 ‘Society would change a lot, I think it would be better for our Cuba’

These were some of the comments from those interviewed.

In the political realm, Mexico and Cuba have maintained close diplomatic relations, based on mutual respect and bilateral cooperation. Over the years, both countries have collaborated in various international forums and have expressed their support in crucial moments.

Moreover, the solidarity between Mexico and Cuba has been evident in times of crisis and emergencies. Cuba has provided medical and humanitarian aid to Mexico in situations such as natural disasters and health emergencies.

Similarly, Mexico has offered its support to Cuba in difficult times, demonstrating the strength of the friendship between the two peoples. On a social level, the relationship between Mexico and Cuba is reflected in the exchange of people and collaboration on educational, scientific, and development projects.

The Cuban community in Mexico and the presence of Mexicans in Cuba contribute to strengthening the ties between both nations and enriching cultural diversity. Source: Infobae”

Source: Infobae